Sunday, June 19, 2011

Modern Orthodoxy

I spent time this weekend in Woodmere and then today in Teaneck.It is amazing that orthodoxy has grown to such an extent.
At the 7 AM minyan (there are also 7.45, 8.15 and 9.15 AM minyanim) at the Young Israel 200 people attended.Then a large number stayed for a Talmud class.
In Teanck,Cong Beth Am a reform Temple closed its doors.They have sold it to a nearby orthodox group.
The Teaneck Jewish Center has voted to install a mechitza and become orthodox.At its peak it had 1400 families,but now it was " orthodoxy or dissolution".
The strictly kosher(orthodox supervised) restaurants ,bakeries and super markets are thriving and both areas are a centrum for modern orthodoxy.Both area have a Vaad of local orthodox Rabbis that supervise the religious life of the community.
The advent of the internet,e-mail, and other modern communication devices make learning Totah easier than ever before.Jewish book stores and web sites make learning and understanding Torah simple for even those who can't read Hebrew.
It is just a question of a desire to learn.

Just as an aside, today we dedicated the matzevah (stone)at my mothers A'H grave. It has been 9 months since her passing at the age of 99 plus.