Thursday, June 23, 2011

Commentary articles / Budget talks

There are 2 outstanding articles in the current Commentary Magazine.The first is an analysis of the Obama Doctrine, and his feeling toward American exceptionalism. Sadly this describes a President who if he did not have to answer to the public and Congress, would make us into a third rate European country.As it is, he is trying to do so anyway.
The other article deals with Israel and its ability to withstand the less than friendly attitude of the Obama W.H.Thankfully the Congress and the American peoplwill not allow Israel to be stabbed in the back m(or front).
There is another interesting article on F.M. Avigdor Lieberman,who concievably could be elected P.M. in a future govt.

The departure of the 2 Republicans from the Biden talks,moves the discussions to a new level.With the President in N.Y. for fund-raising ,despite his claims he is too busy to get involved in the talks, he will have no choice.With the Republicans holding tight against any new taxes, the ball is the the W.H. court.
Any Dem.concessions will be a tough pill to swallow for their activists and team. However,everyone agrees on the need to cut spending and avoid the terrible projections issued yesterday by the Budget Office.
We are in for a tense period of political attacks, that will go down to the wire.Who will blink first? MY GUESS IT WILL BE THE DEMS!