Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner/ UN /Assad / J STREET

thony Weiner, is not only a liar,a sex pervert but a loud disgusting human being who only seeks the limelight.He screams, bangs on the table and plays to his liberal base.HE KNOWS HOW TO LIE WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.
That he married a Moslem womanis not even commented upon in the Jewish media.
G-d has a way of paying back those who publicly stray.
However, how does Weiner stand up and admit to these disgusting events, and not resign.Do professional politicians, Edwards, Vitter, Schwartzenegger etc. have such little regard for we the people?
It won't be long before Schumer or Bill Clinton picks up the phone and says 'IT'S TIME TO RESIGN".

The UN nuclear energy commission criticized Israel for destroying the Syrian nuclear reactor.Instead ,Israel should have reported it to them.
Let's see-how many years would it take them to get to the bottom of it? as the plant would have been concluded.

We are still waiting for Obama to call for Assad's removal.Every day another 50-250 deaths ,many from security forces trying to desert.

THREE CHEERS for Bibi and his govt for refusing to meet with the 6 Congressmen that J Street brought to Israel.Only the opposition leader met with them.It is clear that the govt. considers J Street an anti-Israel organization masquarding as a left wing zionist group.