Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Chutzpah and minor league are the 2 words to describe Obama's attempt to schedule a joint session of Congress next week on the same nite as the Republican 2 hour televised Presidential debate.This is a cheap shot,unworthy of the WH.
As is, Cong Paul is objecting,and since Congress comes back that day,a rollcall vote will be needed.Speaker Boehner has asked the President to move his request to Thursday.

A new study by economists in Spain show that for every dollar the Govt. spends on "green" projects,2.2 jobs are "devoured".Green jobs are "economic losers,destroyers of wealth and productivity".

The administration directive to its embassies etc,directs them to shape the 9/11 message in universal terms.This is Obama at his best-avoiding American exceptionalism and our unique pain and suffering of the tragedy.
Another lame-brain idea is Mayor Bloomberg who is excluding clergy from the 9/11 ceremony.We are a nation that believes in G-d, and just as we open up our legislative sessions with a prayer,this solemn day should have our religious leaders (minus Islam- for obvious reasons) be a part of the ceremony.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A jobs program?

It is hard to believe that the chief executive of any company whose balance sheet was falling apart,could tell his Board of Directors that he will have a plan to reoganize etc,but only after the summer.As the suymmer comes to an end,as his company is bleeding ,he announces a 10 day vacation prior to completing his plan.
That executive would be out on his golden parachute.
That describes our President.Probably he has stalled on announcing his plan ,because he has no plan.Only a rehash of old cliches-"BALANCED... HIGHER TAXES...PRIVATE JETS".. AND SO ON.
He should be out on his golden parachute-if we the Board of Directors had any sense.

It is comical that Assemblyman Weprin running as the Dem. candidate for Congress to replace Weiner. cancelled his debate appearance, after he was embarressed in an interview in not knowing the total US debt.He guessed 4 trillion.Sorry he forgot the 1 before the 4. I hope he loses in the special election-sending a message to Obama on Israel.

Loyal Obama supporter should not dance yet over victory in Libya-Khadaffi is still around,and a continued battle a-la Iraq could be in store.

How many millions did the friends of Gore make (or are losing) on betting that we would spend trillions on Green technology?

Three cheers for Cong Lehntinen for introducing legislation that would allow the US to support finacially only thos UN programs we support.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Is Perry Dumb?

There was a wonderful Senator from Alabama Howell Heflin.I had invited him a number of times to speak to Huvpac.I also heard speak at AIPAC.
Wheh he started to speak ,he started with a slow southern drawl.You thought some hillbilly was talking. He then would tell some folksy stories.
One in particular was of the rednedck who had never seen an elevator.He stood in the lobby of a building and this ugly fat woman entered.The doors closed.Howevever a few minutes later, the elevator doors opened, and this gorgeous svelt woman exited.
'jasper, go get your mamma", he yelled to his son.
When the laughter died down,and everyone was relaxed,Heflin's accent changed,and he spoke brilliantly.He was after all a former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.
Like Senator Lyndon Johnson, to undeerestimate their intelligence was only at your own peril.
One thing I learned in my years in Washington,very few people can make it to the top year after year without intelligence and the people factors that allow you to advance.Perry is a winner!Dems beware of belittleing him.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The attack on Perry

Its all hands on board to attack Perry.Let us plot to smear him in any way possible and make him look corrupt or another Bush or some stupid cowboy.
Obviously he is ahead,and frightens the WH and its media allies.

CREATIONIST- wow isn't that terrible-Perhaps time for another Scopes trial.Now those of us who believe in the old Testament must obviously be stupid,backward and anti-science.
Honestly I don't care if my President's ancestors were apes.I am interested in unemploymment,spending etc.Interestingly enough in the introduction of the Hertz chumash,Rabbi Hertz discusses the famous medrash that befor G-d created this world,he created and destroyed many worlds.So if you find a "million year old bone"-so what?
On a personal note,I and a myriad of Orthodox scientist ,physicians and scholars have contributed much to "science" and still believe in G-D WHO CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH,ADAM AND EVE.

He was a DEMOCRAT WHO SUPPORTED GORE-as I wrote ,so was I.I was born a Democrat,and was President of the Young Dems in Yeshiva College.
Yet except for Lyndon JohnsOver the years after Vietnam,Ion I have not voted for a Dem. for President.I came to my senses and came to my senses.

He denies GLOBAL WARMING AS A GIVEN. -so do I whatever the science it is not clear. To spend billions on "GREEN JOBS" and subsidizing electric cars and so on for super-wealthy makes no sense.
We need to be energy independent-stop subsidizing coal in Brazil and lets start fracdking,diggin g oil and gas,allow new coal burners to be built,and crush OPEC.

A few months ago McDonalds added 75,000 (or so jobs) None on the left yelled saying "how can you add these to the total when they are low paying."

He shoots from the HIP AND IS A COWBOY
He has style,and it may turn some people off.Howevever who is going to turn America around is the question,not who wears cowboy boots.Incidentally my friend Yoram Ettinger who is currently a political analyst,was the Israel Consul-General in Houston,before moving to Washington as the Israeli representative to Congress.He wears cowboy boots because they are comfortable.

HE GAVE money men JOBS.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

various thoughts

The report that huge amounts of post 9/11 charities were not on the up and up to me is not suprising.After each disaster funds develop,yet months later you ask -what happened to the money? expenses? SALARIES FOR SELF AND FAMILIES ETC-A WARNING REGARDING CHARITIES THAT SPRING UP.

The news from Libya is confusing-we do/don't have him.
Wild gunfire in the air-no sign of police or security.
Shouldn't we make Iraq/Libya pay for our expenditures from oil money?

Glenn Beck finished up with a 2000 person rally in Israel-along with a few anti-Beck protestors.Eric Yoffe former head of the Reform clergy attacked Beck.
Hallevai Yaffe should be as pro-Israel as Beck!

The results of the Israeli cabinet meeting that Israel lacks "legitimacy" to attack Gaza is sad.Due to the situation with Egypt,and the UN vote they are holding back despite daily rocket attacks.

Shimon Peres as I have said here many times is a brilliant man who has violated the tenets of the office of the Presidency,by forgetting he is a ceremonial Pres. and not the Prime Minister.He stood for that and lost.The picture of him in the JP with the "leader" of tent city Daphne Leif which is involved in a dispute with rivals is a caSE in point.

The news for Obama gets worse every day. Aside from the economy, the numbers of potential voters in states like NJ,Florida and others who think he should be a
one term President is rising.
So far my prediction that Perry will move to the top is hoding up.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The turnover rate in Congress last election was 20%. Many of the new members come from districts or States that either have few Jews,or where the US-Israel relationship is not at the top of the list of critical issues.
Yet, as we approach Sept.,as Abbas seeks to go to the UN for membership, it is the united bipartisan Congressional pressure, that will ensure a US veto.However, even with that,the Palestinians can try to obtain enhanced status in the General Assembly.Here the US has only 1 vote,however it can provide the leadership to defeat the move.
There will also be a move to cut off or reduce US funding to the PA if they go to the UN.
Coming soon in this difficult economic period, is the request to renew 3.075 billion to the Israel Defense needs.This requires educationg members of Congress to the absolute importance this is for US security.
The months ahead as Assad faces a tightening noose,he could play the Israel card by stirring up trouble in Lebanon or on the Golan.
There are many more issues,and as the Congressional and Presidential race takes shape,we have to demand NOT PLATITUDES but committments from candidates.
For us Israel has to be a non-partisan ,bi-partisan -pro-American issue.
I urge all who reads this to join or renew your pledges to AIPAC.
In my over 40 years of communal life,and close to 35 years as an observer of the US-Israel relationship,AIPAC is second to none.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake / Libya

I was resting for a few moments,and when I woke up-an earthquake had caused bedlam on the East coast.The closure of the airports reminds me of my Sunday ordeal.
My son Ari tells me that his building near 42nd street was evacuated,but his observation was that if serious damage had been done -'millions' of people standing around with falling glass could have been disasterous.
The question is what type of evacuation plan could be possible in NYC?

The apparent victory of the rebels, is a 'backhanded victory' for the Obama administration.It reminds me of a doctor who examines a child with a ruptured appendicitis, advises Tylenol and rest.Luckily for the patient ,the infection is localized and in 6-8 weeks feels well.
GOOD LUCK-not good treatment.
The President told us about the 'bad luck' that hit our economy.Libya is a (so far) good result -not because of good leadership,but good luck.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A lousy plane trip / Libya

Many times when we have flown to Florida for short periods, I lament that we did not drive.What with security,waiting in the airport etc.,Iam not a happy camper.
Yesterday took the cake.Being put on the JETBLUE plane for 75 minutes in case we would get clearance to take off,circling around N. Carolna, and later around Virginia.Then we were told we could not land in Newark,and 20 minutes before arriving at JFK,we were told that we would proceed to Newark our original destination. Time about 5 plus hours.
To top it off I woke up this morning ill, and diagnosed with pneumonia-so I am in for the week.

Watching these 'rebels' shooting their weapons into the air,proves their lack of military decorum.They could not have achieved their victory without msssive NATO bombings, drone intelligence and so on.Even without boots on the ground, our bill (USA) is close to 1 billion dollars.Now comes the hard part protecting the poison gas supplies from Al Quida, some sort of democratic regime,and stability among all the tribes.
Assad must be next,and we have to prevent the Iranian influence from subverting the will of the world.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blacks and Obama / The Hamas attack

I cannot for the life of me understand why the black community with a 20% unemployment level is still in the hands of Obama.Yes he is black,however there comes a time when common sense and your pocketbook should show you that the Democratic party has kept your community in poverty.
THE WELFARE STATE is not a solution to their educational problems.
That is why Cong West in Florida would make not only a great Senator,but a "poster-boy" for a new outreach to his community.

The attack in the Eilat area is but the latest example of the incompetency of OUR foreign policy.We lost Egypt and when Mubarak went, so did the protection of Israel's border with Egypt.
In contrast to a rapid attack on Mubarak's legitimacy,we have dilly-dallied with Assad, been unable to crush Khadaffi,and have allowed Iran to proceed with its path to nuclear weaponry.
Israel will now have to re-evaluate its military approach to Hamas.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Turkey / MR ED

Turkey is demanding an apology from Israel and compensation for the flotilla incident.Thankfully Israel has said "NO" .even to a call from Hillary Clinton
(urging an apology).
The fact is that the UN report will prove ISRAEL RIGHT.
In fact,Turkey should apologize to Israel for allowing this illegal incitement to occur.It should also compensate Israel for the costs incurred with a large naval efforet, and the protection of Israeli seamen,doing their legal military assignment.
While they are at it,Turkey should also apologize for the Armenian slaughter by their troops.

I love to watch Mr Ed when Greta has such guests as the O'Donnell lady who is totally irrelevant in 2011(despite her book).
The hatred for anything "conservative" and the GOP lineup is most amusing,and makes for a good chuckle.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Political tidbits

This morning I recieved a call from the Bachmann campaign for a campaign contribution-good for them for being on the ball.I declined telling them that at this moment my candidate is Perry.
The accusation that Perry was a supporter of Gore in '88 makes me laugh.I was Rockland County Co-Chairman of Gore for President.
Since that time I went into the mikve,cleansed myself-repented and whalla -a born again Conservative Republican.
I have to laugh a little more.The headline was that Obama said he had beat the recession but then encountered some"bad luck".At the same time critics of Perry said his economic success as Gov.was "good luck'.I will take someone with good luck over one with bad luck anytime.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Social unrest in Israel / Perry

On wed. I will be participating in a phone confernce by TIP an organization that explores Israeli issues for the media.As is usual the organization asks for the submission of questions to be asked of the individual who is the expert briefing the group.This weeks briefing is on the social unrest in Israel.
My 2 questions related to the role of financial support by people like Danny Abraham (leftist par excellance) has on the huge protests.My second question dealt with the underlying motive for the group vis a vis a desire to oust Netanyahu.
Today Glen Beck attacked the group as socialistic for demanding free education from 3 months of age,all type of medical,housing and social welfare benefits(European socialism) that the PM warned could bankrupt the nation.Beck raised the question of the influence of islamists as well as foreign influence.

The WSJ today in analyzing the GOP race, is concerned that Gov. Perry might not appeal to the whole country, because of his swagger and religious fervor.As for me once we get accustomed to his manner of communication,I believe the primary and then general election voters will place the record of 3 terms as Gov. of a large state, with a balanced budget,no tax increase,malpractice reform and job growth over a southern twang.He has a record-( vs Bachmann) personality and a true consewrvative (vs Romney).

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The sad state of our world / Iowa

All of us old enough to have either lived through WWII or to have read about events leading uo to the Hitler years should shudder at the impotence of the organized world.
We have become accustomed to the political hypocricy of the UN.For us as Jews we are accustomed to their emphasis on anti-Israel resolutions.
One would have thought after the world saw the results of inactivity when human life was being systematically destroyed by Hitler,that we would never allow such threats to occur in our times.
As we look day after day at tanks and gunboats shelling innocent Syrians how we we sit idly by?
As we see Iran moving toward nuclear weapons to destroy Israel,how can we play "mickey-mouse" games of economic isolation that will not work?
As we see a N. Korea allow its people to starve, while they export nuclear technology and threaten world peace ,how are we to understand the lack of leadership from 2 successive US Presidents?
Obviously we are so weak politically that we are IMPOTENT.
Perhaps our next Pres. Will more closely resemble Ronald Reagan who brought down the Iron Curtain.

The Iowa straw vote while interesting, is certainly not representative of America. Rather it is show business, and it whets the appetite of the political class.
Michele Bachmann should win Iowa,Romney will win N.H. and Perry S. Carolina.Then the race will begin.My money is on Perry !

Friday, August 12, 2011


Some comments on 2 candidates who were not there.
Sarah Palin looks more and more erratic in her behavior.Her motives,goals and her travels are moreublicity oriented than policy-campaigning.
Gov. Perry who will announce on Saturday is a formidable presence even without being present.As a sitting Gov.,with a great record of creating jobs,he will attract a lot of support.
If you look at Michelle Bachmann, she reminds me of a scrappy college debater.She has zero executive experience,and even though she has "fought" for all the "right" issues,she has never been successful.There is no reason to believe that she would be any more successful with a divided Congress than Obama.
Pawlenty lacks color.I like Santorum personally,having developed a close relationship with him during his Senate days,However unless he can break out of the pack he is finished.
Newt was great last nite,and I wish he could recoup his momentum.No doubt he has the most superior intellect and ideas.Sheila was rooting for him as he blasted Chris Wallace.
Romney comes off as a middle of the road-liberal leaning Mass. politician trying to turn right.He could not answer the question on his health care individual mandate.
Huntsman again is a lefty and will not survive the primaries.Paul is dangerous on Iran and Israel.
The campaign has a way to go.Perry should shake things up and I believe he and Romney will be the 2 top contenders.

What effect todays Appeals Court decision will have on Obama-the budget-the campaign is too early to tell.Surely the USSC will take it up at an early time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Danny Abraham and the protests / Some questions

With the disclosure that Danny Abraham has given money to the protestors in the streets of Tel Aviv it becomes clear that aside from the legitimate demands of the people, there is an undertone of anti-Netanyahu and anti-settlements mischief.If Danny Abraham gives money you can be sure other left wing wealthy indidividuals are similarly involved.
The announcement that Israel will build large numbers of units in Har Homa C,and 3 different E. Jerusalem projects totalling 5400 units in the next few days is an important step.
Because of the breakdown of the oil pipeline from Egypt by sabatoge the electric rates were raised 10%.In general the macro-economy of Israel is doing very well.However, the cost of living is still quite unreasonable.Many who were brought up in "socialism" are not comfortable with large corporations or capitalism.They long for the welfare state.

Explain to me why if Arab countries including Saudia Arabia have withdrawn their Ambassadors from Syria,why the US has not followed suit?
And why don't we initiate charges of war crimes aghainst Assad?
Explain to me why Arab muslim nations are not aiding their starving brethren in Somali and relying on the US?
Explain to me why Sen. Kerry who told the press to not give equal coverage to the Tea Party,doen't do the same to Al Gore who seems to have lost it?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


If we had the ability to recall a President of the US,we would be seeing those petitions being collected.
And if sheer incompetence was a reason to "impeach" a Pres.,the House would be voting right now on a bill of impeachment.
The President refuses to accept ANY responsibility for our situation.He attacks the Republicans for failure to consider tax increases, yet he refuses to discuss changes in Obamacare-which is the largest new addition to our fiscal burden.
To date, there is NO written Obama plan.
To date there is no Obama/Democratic budget.
What with Sens. Murray and Kerry on the new panel,that speaks to impasse,

Why Boehner did not choose Paul Ryan or a freshman to join the panel,
is hard to figure.
To read or listen to Chris Matthews for example that the Reps. want to take our country back to post WWII in race,sex,anti-unionism and wages.This is just a buch of scare tactics.
They hate Palin and Bachmann -not liberal
They hate Cong West-a black conservative)-too tea party !
It is obvious as Politico reported yesterday,the WH is out of ideas.They can only win by character assasination "Romney is wierd".
This will be a painful (for Americans) and dirty campaign.

It was fun watching Mr Ed(MSNBC) on some campus in Wisconsin rooting for the Dems in the recall election.Sadly for him and Rachel Maddow,their exuberance as in the case of the Supreme Court election, did not change the results.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tisha B'Av / Congressional vacation

Tisha B'Av is a day of mourning for tragic events in Jewish history.Primarily the destruction of both Temples in Jerusalem,the fall of Betar in 135 which was the last fortress of the Jews who battled the Romans in the Bar Kochba revolution,and the plowing of the Temple area .The original sad event was the day that G-d toldmthe Jerws that they would not enter the promised land after the sin of the spies.
These are among various tragedies in Jewish history.Thus it is sad that in the London riots the Jewish areas have been threatened.In a side-bar,a large group was observing the police acrion,and some booed the police.A London paper in describing the event picked out only one group as booing,from a large multi-ethnic group-Hasidic Jews.
Nothing ever changes. The Jew is always the first scapegoat.

The President appears impotent.As Judith Miller wrote yesterday his address to the nation, sounded as coming from a professor and not a leader.
I love vacations too.However now is not the time for the President or the Congressional leadership to be away on vacation.Calling all of Congress back would not serve any purpose.However,the leadership should sit down and work on a program they can agree on,and start the super-committee as soon as possible.Tax reform should be on the table.Control of the EPA and NLRB are issues that the Pres. probably won't agree with. The approval of the Canadian oil pipeline would add thousands of jobs and save on our dependence on OPEC oil.The Republicans should start the ball rolling to end Obamacare.The free trade agreements should be ratified.
As far as new money for "shovel-ready" projects-we have been there already.
Right now, the Pres. is in campaign mode and he knows that as rush Limbaugh calls him,he is "debt man walking".

Monday, August 08, 2011

Housing opportunity / Wisconsin / Congressmen to visit Israel / Blame the Tea Party ?

Unfortunately our next door neighbor passed away,and I believe the children will put the house on the market.It is on the lake,0.3 miles to our new shul which will open with G-d's help by the end of the year.We are a gated community,and every home is a ranch with a 2 car garage totally detached.We have a clubhouse,swimming pool and jaccuzzi, and close to golf.This is a great time for an orthodox family to buy down here.

I don't know anything about the polls in the upcoming Wisconsin recall election next week.Howevever,when the citizens of Wisconsin realize based on the US credit downgrading that public service unions must be reined in,I believe they will support Gov. Walker, and retain the 6 Republicans.

I read with interest that the Dems are accusing the Reps. of abandoning Israel by voting for the debt deal.
Within 2 weeks 55 Republican Congressman ,mainly freshmen who have never visited Israel before,and about 32 Democratic members will visit Israel.The Rep. gtoup will be led by Eric Cantor, and the Dem. group by Steney Hoyer. The trip is sponsored by a non-profit educational group affiliated with AIPAC.These trips have been most successful in cementing US-Israel relationship.
How can you blame the Tea Party for the downgrade? Did they cause the exuberant spending over the last 10 years that brought us to this juncture?
Did they vote for Obamacare? cash for clunkers? the failed stimulus ?
Did they prevent oil drilling in America?
They have been around only months as a force-REMEMBER THE DEMS CONTROL THE WH AND SENATE.
Until we get a new Pres., and Rep. control of the Senate we are in for a rocky ride.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

A President in over his head

This is not original,howevever even though I would not have voted for her,things would have been different had Hillary been President.
The President was elected without any record of accomplishment.He was a sweet talker,pleasnt smile,agile a good personality and above all a black person in a nation that was anxious to prove that racism was dead.
On top of that, the country was fed up with Bush and any Dem. would have beaten a lacklust John McCain.
No one really wanted to question or examine the Obama record-his lack of a legislative accomplishment,a hyper-partisan left wing orientation together with a long list of associations with leftist and even questionable individuals like Rev.Wright.
Moreover,he had zero business experience,never having had a paying job in industry or business.His frame of reference was government largess and the European socialist mode on top of an anti-colonial philosophy based on his fathers ideology.
That included an anti-military approach, as well as as a feeling that American wealth need to be redistributed in order for there to be a sense of "fairness" in society.Giant corporations were a sign of American greed,and American exceptionalism was against the international "order".
He believed that he could change America within 8 years and have a cradle to grave welfare state.All he needed was a compliant Congress, a national media that was on his side,and a few smiles and frequent speeches.
Unfortunately for him the magic is gone and reality has set in.His chances at re-election not only are dimming everyday, but with it will come a reversal of his Obamacare and his Union-oriented beaurocracy.
The country is tired of the blame game-ie. the tsunami, Arab spring,Bush, Tea Party , terrorists,and so on.
The economic mess, not only the debt is his and Democrats are dejected,because many of them will be losing their seats.If Republicans cannot pick a candidate with strong economic views,then they deserve to lose.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jim Crow laws? / U.S. Ambassador in Syria

This morning Sheila and I went to visit an elderly member of our congregation in a West Palm Beach Nursing Home-Rehab Center.He had suffered a stroke,and at the same time time lost his wife after 65 years of marriage.
The first thing we had to do as we entered the building ,which incidentally was beautiful, was to check in at the reception desk.
After we told the young lady our purpose,she informed us we would have to produce our driver licences.She took them, made copies,created a pass with our pictures to hang around our necks,and then gave us permission to proceed.
None of this was intrusive,and we appreciated the security precautions involved.
A week before we came down to Florida, I was looking for an early afternoon mincha.Having been informed that there was one in a nearby office building, I was pleased to have an opportunity for a minyan,and was not the least perturbed when I had to produce identification.
Ditto at the airport,and even at the public library one must produce a card which was issued after you registered.
Such is the way of life in post 9/11 America.
Thus, when Dems use the race card to attack voter registration laws that are meant to cut down on fraud,it is outrageous.To wit is Pres. Bill Clinton describing it as "Jim Crow".

The Italians have withdrawn their Ambassador from Syria. Why is our's still there?
Why was he sent in the first place?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Reading the press

One of the best and most informative political sites on the net is RCP -Real Clear Politics
It chooses many of the key op-eds.editorials and columns from across the US.
and occasionally overseas) on both sides of an issue.It also consolidates polling data that is available, and presents an average.During the campaign it is an invaluable site.There is no editorial bias present.
Today, I spent 40 minutes reading every liberal,anti-tea party article that they chose.On the one hand it was amusing,but on the other hand there was a sadness that these writers could not fathom that a group would come to Washington,refuse to make deals, and would stand for principle.
They were described as Southern bigots, terrorists and so on.
Moreover, while there was universal attacks on Obama for poor handling of the discussions,there was not a word about our economy,and the need to cut spending or prevent the demise of medicare .The overall tone was pessimistic for 2012,even though there was almost a false bravado that giving in to the tea party now was part of some grand strategy.
It reminded me when I was a kid in Brooklyn when we yelled confidently "wait till next year".
The tea party,and the millions who simply are sympathetic to the need to cut spending, bring an end to uncertainty in govt policies(as we discussed yesterday) will be looking forward to 2012, and its not to keep Harry Reid ,Nancy Pelosi or Obama as the caretakers of our future.


Monday, August 01, 2011

Rabbi Meir kahane ob"m and the Tea Party / Syria-Obama

When I was young I was not enamoured with Rabbi Kahane. He seemed radical,rigid and outside of the organized Jewish Community.
However, it did not take me long to realize his greatness.By chaining himself to the Soviet compound in Long Island,picketing and speaking out against the Soviets for their treatment of Jews,something amazing happened.Mainstream Jewish organizations were embarressed by their inaction and suddenly they were fighting with each other as to who could be more effective in helping our brethren in the Soviet empire.To some extent they marginalized Kahane,but the battle that he started with the help of men such as Sen. Henry Jackson etc, was won.When I went a number of times to Moscow etc,and saw the Jews lining up for visas I knew the origins of that battle.
Years later I heard Kahane speak to a public rally in Israel about Arabs,but he was an American, and hiw words webt unheeded.
Our country was on the way to becoming another Europe/Greece.Obama was planning another 10 trillion dollar defecit if his programs were accepted.Along came the Tea Party.They understood that the Republican establishment is not too far removed from the Dems.
Their united voices,forced a change in the debate.Taxes were taken off the table and spending cut.
Is this a solution-NO , but it is the end of an ERA,and the beginning of AUSTERITY in our county. Yes the left is angry, and the way-right unfullfilled,however theirs is a great victory in the path TOWARD FISCAL SANITY.
In essence they pushed the agenda despite all the name calling and insults.Their tenacity changed the shape and direction of the debate
Think of how far we have come since the State of the Union address, and the failed Obama buget.
You ain't seen nothing yet!

Another day, ander 199 deaths (or more) in Syria by tanks etc.Obama where is your leadership?