Friday, August 12, 2011


Some comments on 2 candidates who were not there.
Sarah Palin looks more and more erratic in her behavior.Her motives,goals and her travels are moreublicity oriented than policy-campaigning.
Gov. Perry who will announce on Saturday is a formidable presence even without being present.As a sitting Gov.,with a great record of creating jobs,he will attract a lot of support.
If you look at Michelle Bachmann, she reminds me of a scrappy college debater.She has zero executive experience,and even though she has "fought" for all the "right" issues,she has never been successful.There is no reason to believe that she would be any more successful with a divided Congress than Obama.
Pawlenty lacks color.I like Santorum personally,having developed a close relationship with him during his Senate days,However unless he can break out of the pack he is finished.
Newt was great last nite,and I wish he could recoup his momentum.No doubt he has the most superior intellect and ideas.Sheila was rooting for him as he blasted Chris Wallace.
Romney comes off as a middle of the road-liberal leaning Mass. politician trying to turn right.He could not answer the question on his health care individual mandate.
Huntsman again is a lefty and will not survive the primaries.Paul is dangerous on Iran and Israel.
The campaign has a way to go.Perry should shake things up and I believe he and Romney will be the 2 top contenders.

What effect todays Appeals Court decision will have on Obama-the budget-the campaign is too early to tell.Surely the USSC will take it up at an early time.