Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jim Crow laws? / U.S. Ambassador in Syria

This morning Sheila and I went to visit an elderly member of our congregation in a West Palm Beach Nursing Home-Rehab Center.He had suffered a stroke,and at the same time time lost his wife after 65 years of marriage.
The first thing we had to do as we entered the building ,which incidentally was beautiful, was to check in at the reception desk.
After we told the young lady our purpose,she informed us we would have to produce our driver licences.She took them, made copies,created a pass with our pictures to hang around our necks,and then gave us permission to proceed.
None of this was intrusive,and we appreciated the security precautions involved.
A week before we came down to Florida, I was looking for an early afternoon mincha.Having been informed that there was one in a nearby office building, I was pleased to have an opportunity for a minyan,and was not the least perturbed when I had to produce identification.
Ditto at the airport,and even at the public library one must produce a card which was issued after you registered.
Such is the way of life in post 9/11 America.
Thus, when Dems use the race card to attack voter registration laws that are meant to cut down on fraud,it is outrageous.To wit is Pres. Bill Clinton describing it as "Jim Crow".

The Italians have withdrawn their Ambassador from Syria. Why is our's still there?
Why was he sent in the first place?