Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake / Libya

I was resting for a few moments,and when I woke up-an earthquake had caused bedlam on the East coast.The closure of the airports reminds me of my Sunday ordeal.
My son Ari tells me that his building near 42nd street was evacuated,but his observation was that if serious damage had been done -'millions' of people standing around with falling glass could have been disasterous.
The question is what type of evacuation plan could be possible in NYC?

The apparent victory of the rebels, is a 'backhanded victory' for the Obama administration.It reminds me of a doctor who examines a child with a ruptured appendicitis, advises Tylenol and rest.Luckily for the patient ,the infection is localized and in 6-8 weeks feels well.
GOOD LUCK-not good treatment.
The President told us about the 'bad luck' that hit our economy.Libya is a (so far) good result -not because of good leadership,but good luck.