Monday, August 08, 2011

Housing opportunity / Wisconsin / Congressmen to visit Israel / Blame the Tea Party ?

Unfortunately our next door neighbor passed away,and I believe the children will put the house on the market.It is on the lake,0.3 miles to our new shul which will open with G-d's help by the end of the year.We are a gated community,and every home is a ranch with a 2 car garage totally detached.We have a clubhouse,swimming pool and jaccuzzi, and close to golf.This is a great time for an orthodox family to buy down here.

I don't know anything about the polls in the upcoming Wisconsin recall election next week.Howevever,when the citizens of Wisconsin realize based on the US credit downgrading that public service unions must be reined in,I believe they will support Gov. Walker, and retain the 6 Republicans.

I read with interest that the Dems are accusing the Reps. of abandoning Israel by voting for the debt deal.
Within 2 weeks 55 Republican Congressman ,mainly freshmen who have never visited Israel before,and about 32 Democratic members will visit Israel.The Rep. gtoup will be led by Eric Cantor, and the Dem. group by Steney Hoyer. The trip is sponsored by a non-profit educational group affiliated with AIPAC.These trips have been most successful in cementing US-Israel relationship.
How can you blame the Tea Party for the downgrade? Did they cause the exuberant spending over the last 10 years that brought us to this juncture?
Did they vote for Obamacare? cash for clunkers? the failed stimulus ?
Did they prevent oil drilling in America?
They have been around only months as a force-REMEMBER THE DEMS CONTROL THE WH AND SENATE.
Until we get a new Pres., and Rep. control of the Senate we are in for a rocky ride.