Thursday, August 25, 2011

various thoughts

The report that huge amounts of post 9/11 charities were not on the up and up to me is not suprising.After each disaster funds develop,yet months later you ask -what happened to the money? expenses? SALARIES FOR SELF AND FAMILIES ETC-A WARNING REGARDING CHARITIES THAT SPRING UP.

The news from Libya is confusing-we do/don't have him.
Wild gunfire in the air-no sign of police or security.
Shouldn't we make Iraq/Libya pay for our expenditures from oil money?

Glenn Beck finished up with a 2000 person rally in Israel-along with a few anti-Beck protestors.Eric Yoffe former head of the Reform clergy attacked Beck.
Hallevai Yaffe should be as pro-Israel as Beck!

The results of the Israeli cabinet meeting that Israel lacks "legitimacy" to attack Gaza is sad.Due to the situation with Egypt,and the UN vote they are holding back despite daily rocket attacks.

Shimon Peres as I have said here many times is a brilliant man who has violated the tenets of the office of the Presidency,by forgetting he is a ceremonial Pres. and not the Prime Minister.He stood for that and lost.The picture of him in the JP with the "leader" of tent city Daphne Leif which is involved in a dispute with rivals is a caSE in point.

The news for Obama gets worse every day. Aside from the economy, the numbers of potential voters in states like NJ,Florida and others who think he should be a
one term President is rising.
So far my prediction that Perry will move to the top is hoding up.