Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A jobs program?

It is hard to believe that the chief executive of any company whose balance sheet was falling apart,could tell his Board of Directors that he will have a plan to reoganize etc,but only after the summer.As the suymmer comes to an end,as his company is bleeding ,he announces a 10 day vacation prior to completing his plan.
That executive would be out on his golden parachute.
That describes our President.Probably he has stalled on announcing his plan ,because he has no plan.Only a rehash of old cliches-"BALANCED... HIGHER TAXES...PRIVATE JETS".. AND SO ON.
He should be out on his golden parachute-if we the Board of Directors had any sense.

It is comical that Assemblyman Weprin running as the Dem. candidate for Congress to replace Weiner. cancelled his debate appearance, after he was embarressed in an interview in not knowing the total US debt.He guessed 4 trillion.Sorry he forgot the 1 before the 4. I hope he loses in the special election-sending a message to Obama on Israel.

Loyal Obama supporter should not dance yet over victory in Libya-Khadaffi is still around,and a continued battle a-la Iraq could be in store.

How many millions did the friends of Gore make (or are losing) on betting that we would spend trillions on Green technology?

Three cheers for Cong Lehntinen for introducing legislation that would allow the US to support finacially only thos UN programs we support.