Monday, August 15, 2011

Social unrest in Israel / Perry

On wed. I will be participating in a phone confernce by TIP an organization that explores Israeli issues for the media.As is usual the organization asks for the submission of questions to be asked of the individual who is the expert briefing the group.This weeks briefing is on the social unrest in Israel.
My 2 questions related to the role of financial support by people like Danny Abraham (leftist par excellance) has on the huge protests.My second question dealt with the underlying motive for the group vis a vis a desire to oust Netanyahu.
Today Glen Beck attacked the group as socialistic for demanding free education from 3 months of age,all type of medical,housing and social welfare benefits(European socialism) that the PM warned could bankrupt the nation.Beck raised the question of the influence of islamists as well as foreign influence.

The WSJ today in analyzing the GOP race, is concerned that Gov. Perry might not appeal to the whole country, because of his swagger and religious fervor.As for me once we get accustomed to his manner of communication,I believe the primary and then general election voters will place the record of 3 terms as Gov. of a large state, with a balanced budget,no tax increase,malpractice reform and job growth over a southern twang.He has a record-( vs Bachmann) personality and a true consewrvative (vs Romney).