Sunday, August 14, 2011

The sad state of our world / Iowa

All of us old enough to have either lived through WWII or to have read about events leading uo to the Hitler years should shudder at the impotence of the organized world.
We have become accustomed to the political hypocricy of the UN.For us as Jews we are accustomed to their emphasis on anti-Israel resolutions.
One would have thought after the world saw the results of inactivity when human life was being systematically destroyed by Hitler,that we would never allow such threats to occur in our times.
As we look day after day at tanks and gunboats shelling innocent Syrians how we we sit idly by?
As we see Iran moving toward nuclear weapons to destroy Israel,how can we play "mickey-mouse" games of economic isolation that will not work?
As we see a N. Korea allow its people to starve, while they export nuclear technology and threaten world peace ,how are we to understand the lack of leadership from 2 successive US Presidents?
Obviously we are so weak politically that we are IMPOTENT.
Perhaps our next Pres. Will more closely resemble Ronald Reagan who brought down the Iron Curtain.

The Iowa straw vote while interesting, is certainly not representative of America. Rather it is show business, and it whets the appetite of the political class.
Michele Bachmann should win Iowa,Romney will win N.H. and Perry S. Carolina.Then the race will begin.My money is on Perry !