Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blacks and Obama / The Hamas attack

I cannot for the life of me understand why the black community with a 20% unemployment level is still in the hands of Obama.Yes he is black,however there comes a time when common sense and your pocketbook should show you that the Democratic party has kept your community in poverty.
THE WELFARE STATE is not a solution to their educational problems.
That is why Cong West in Florida would make not only a great Senator,but a "poster-boy" for a new outreach to his community.

The attack in the Eilat area is but the latest example of the incompetency of OUR foreign policy.We lost Egypt and when Mubarak went, so did the protection of Israel's border with Egypt.
In contrast to a rapid attack on Mubarak's legitimacy,we have dilly-dallied with Assad, been unable to crush Khadaffi,and have allowed Iran to proceed with its path to nuclear weaponry.
Israel will now have to re-evaluate its military approach to Hamas.