Sunday, February 28, 2010


Happy Purim to all.
It seems to me that despite all the endless talk about Iranian sanctions, there are 2 modalities if used that would bring the regime to its knees.
1-= remove all the insurance on world cargo ships that carry material to Iran.No shipping company would allow its ships to operate without insurance.This can be done by governmental pressure on maritime insurance companies.
2-=stop the sale of gasoline to Iran. They have much oil,however only 2 factories to produce gasoline.
Both steps would lead to an uprising,and could bring the regime to its knees.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I watched the Blair House production intermittently-but could not find it interesting enough to stay glued.
No one could change their minds, because they came prepared with their notes or little speeches all prepared.
Sadly, had the bills been prepared in a real bipartisan manner the potential was there for incremental change.
The President saw an opportunity to makeover our society,and he almost succeeded .What few people are talking about is that his failure is not due to Republican objections.Until a few weeks ago he had 60 votes in the Senate and a huge majority in the House.His problem was and is ,the inability of his left=liberal wing to come to terms with their moderate or "blue-dog" segments.
If they had,they would not have needed a single Rep. vote.The real problem is that social change of the magnitude proposed requires the consent of the people,and they failed to make their case. What if anything will come from Plan B-I don't know-however even as they speak unemployment rises.To attack problems in health care with solutions that won't kick in for years,will not solve the jobs problem.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What started as an interesting spy story that will someday be a movie appears to be heading toward a farcical situation.
First there was a team of 11 assassins, using false passports ,some using Israeli names.Today Dubai announced 15 more members of the team at least a few of whom escaped via Iran.YES..Iran!
Of course not mentioned in any of the newspapers is that the Hamas master-killer was likewise traveling on a false passport and under a false name.
It would appear that on any given day,Dubai as a center of intrigue has many visitors who carry false passports.
As the plot thickens we would ask did they need a team of 26 to kill one murderer?Could Iran have been involved? Was the PA or some third party trying to frame Israel?
Can't wait for the next chapter.

When we learn Chumash, we stress the sale of the Hebron plot to Abraham, for the purpose of a burial site for our forefathers,Similarly The Rachel Tomb is an integral part of our history and heritage.That the PM had to have his arms twisted to designate them as such speaks to the syndrome of Jews vs Israelis.That Abbas threatened war over these designations is a sad commentary on the PA desire for true peace.
Only the Israelis have allowed each and every religion complete access to every religious site

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thursday / A sick society

I love the movies, and I love political drama even more.Thus the Thursday Blair House event is pure theater.In truth I attended a meeting once in Blair House with President Mubaraek, and it is an impressive site,
However, if Obama (OTP) (one term president) was serious about this meeting, we would see 2 prominent ideas on his plate.
the presence of 2 physicians on the Republican Senate team is a good idea.
At present there is no appetite among House Dems to pass the Senate bill-t
herefore it is all theater,and a future political movie.

The other day driving in the car,the local newscaster at one minute before the great event announced

Monday, February 22, 2010

Broken Govt. / Dubai

The  charge that Washington is ' BROKEN" speaks more to a misreading of the '08 election results than true dysfunction.
The country is divided on many issues,with probably 30-40% of the voters Independent and swinging back and forth  between the Reps and Dems depending upon the issues,economy,personalities and general feeling within the country.
Obama  and his Chicago team thought that they had a mandate to turn the country radically left.Instead of concentrating on the economy, he got a bug up his tuchas and spent a year on health care, cap  and trade,supporting the unions in beefing up government workers.
As the time went on, the 2 themes people saw were increased spending  with deficits, and ,more and more taxes.When the town hall meetings took place, the WH reacted poorly, blaming everyone but themselves.
To date we have never heard Obama  say he was wrong on any issue.nor does he recognize that he is not listening to the American people.His answer is always another speech.
The problem is,that we have heard it all already. Whea America wants is a Clintonesque turn to the center.Stopping Pelosi and backdoor deals are a must!
Twenty or forty years ago without 24 hour cable news and bloggers,politicians could get away with almost anything except having your mistress jump into a public pool.Those days are over.
Our founding fathers created checks,balances, filibusters and judicial review to force the politicians to work together. When that once again happens,the system will 'WORK".

The assassination of a Hamas leader in a Dubai hotel room was performed without injury to any innocents.If Israel did it,it will certainly be a reminder to all terrorists that their lives are not forever.If someone else did it, the terrorist world will never believe it,so that the same warnings go out to the bad guys-watch out.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Muslim soldiers under suspicion

The report that Muslim US soldiers are being investigated for attempting to poison the food of soldiers at Fort Jackson is a serious matter.
With the allegations against the Obama Muslim envoy,and the Ft. Hood shooter,one must have an elevated suspicion of where is the line of political correctness for Muslims in the service of our country,and when do we see how endemic is this home-grown hatred toward the U.S.

Which brings me to the new proposed examinations of passengers hands for explosive residue.While it sound like a good idea,until our approach mimics the Israelis,not of looking for weapons ,but for terror suspects we will be in trouble.By examining psychological parameters, checking passenger lists beforehand,asking the often innocuous questions and not being afraid to look at people based on age,travel history, ethnicity and so on they are good at what they do.Moreover, they do not harass an old lady in a wheel chair,or force a child to take off his braces..Political correctness sucks when it comes to the general welfare of our flying public.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

J Street in Israel

Three cheers for the Israeli Govt.and Deputy FM Danny Ayalon, for refusing to meet with a visiting Congressional delegation traveling with the  J Street -pseudo pro-Israel group.The govt said, that any member of Congress is welcome to meet with government officials but not by bringing these  people along.
The American people who follow this,and have an interest in these left-wing groups, will understand that it is not only people like me that abhor these groups,which take money from Muslim sources etc.,but those who put their lives on the line everyday for Israel's security who want nothing to do with them.
The latter at least don't hide their ultimate aim.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Miranda Scandal

There are 2 different issues under discussion regarding the x-mas underwear bomber.
1-should he be tried in military or civilian court?
2-should he receive a Miranda warning, and if so when?

The first question doesn't bother me as much as the second.It sounds  like Federal Courts have handled most terrorist cases properly-with mostly convictions.However to try these guys in downtown NY is asinine.

However, the answer to the second question really has been answered by the facts.
The "bomber " was arrested and for fifty minutes was questioned.The Administrations said he told everything he knew-despite the fact that the questioners were not conversant in Yemenese terror organizations.Whereupon he was Mirandized and became silent.
Now if what they said was correct,then we should assume the bomber had nothing more to add.However after his parents came, and after a 5 week hiatus He started talking.Plenty of time for terror subjects to hit the road.So therefore he did not tell all before being Mirandized.
How can anyone with a straight face tell the world it was OK to Mirandize him after less than an hour of questioning?What would the downside be if he was questioned as an enemy combatant which he was, for 72 hours Then he could have been assigned to either a military or civilian court.
Obama and his people are out of their league in dealing with terrorism.
When the A-G can't answer if Osama were he to be captured,should he be Mirandized,we are in trouble.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sen Bayh / Sen. Coats

Yes the retirement of Sen. Bayh is surely in part due to his frustration with the system.Even with all the money in the bank, he was expecting a challenge from the right.He also angered many liberals when he  called upon the President to veto the stimulus bill.But as a long time politician and a son of a Senator, he knew enough not to take the polls seriously especially when done by left wing pollsters.The mood and atmosphere for Dems is sour,and he read the tea-leaves.
He was an attractive personality in his home state.I recall the only time I ever met him,I was impressed with his warmth and personality.Whether he will consider himself a future candidate for the Presidency,is hard to gauge.He tried that unsuccessfully in the past,
One of Republican opponents at least until now is Sen. Dan Coats.I recall bringing him to NY to meet the OU, and then to Monsey for an HUVPAC event.When members of Congress visited us in Rockland County,we gave them a shofar on a plaque.
A few years later while visiting Coats in his office,I saw the shofar on his shelf.I volunteered to blow it,The ensuing sounds of the Tekiah etc, aided by the huge Senate ceilings caused a cacophony that brought security people running down the hall .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A plan to stymie the Obama-Reid-Pelosi HC bill

If as it now seems that the Dems have the whole scenario ready after a pseudo made -for-TV conference, and they plan to proceed to conciliation, I have a suggestion.
While there are restrictions to budgetary matters,there are no limitations on amendments within the Senate debate..

I propose that the Reps start writing 500 to a thousand amendments,each one 500-1000 pages long .Then they will require that each one be read in toto,following which I believe there is  for each proposes amendment 30 (perhaps less) hours of debate,Even if some are called out of order,the objections and challenges will drive the Dems crazy,and they will realize that what they desire is not attainable.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Climate Theology / WH -HC telethon / Palin

You have to love those who worship "global warming".
If it's cold-we were warned to expect that.
If it snows-you see the moisture from global warming-it proves our case.
If  it rains or a hurricane-you see we told you.
If it's hot=that's what we've said all along!

I e-mailed GOP whip Eric Cantor today, saying that IF they go to the WH extravaganza with TV, they should prepare like for an Oscar telethon.Bright ,easily understood charts, 2-3 minute videos on every aspect of HC and so on.They need a media consultant.

The Palm Beach Post is a very left-wing paper.Even they ridiculed the WH for attacking Palin for  the few words on her palm.It is beneath them.Whether she is qualified today to serve as President is really not the issue.Gov. Palin did a heck of a job running her State,which is a lot more than these liberal feminists have ever done.So what if Obama is a Law Professor,if his policies are wrong,and he has no idea how to govern Harry Truman was a "simple haberdasher" who through tough times rose to the occasion and served our country well.Adlai Stevenson was brilliant,but the people rejected him
These insulated small-minded liberals from CNN,MSNBC and so on, perhaps today are succeeding in character assassination.Whether time and experience will change the mood of the people,and these attackers will find that their attacks simply strengthen Palin cannot now be predicted.
It's not over until the fat man sings.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Foxman vs Rush

The Jewish Week has a column by its editor of a battle between Rush Limbaugh and  Abe Foxman of the ADL.Rush is alleged to have said something about Wall St bankers that Foxman took as anti-Semitic.Numerous conservative Jewish groups came to support Rush.
I have no desire to get in the middle of that controversy. In  truth,we have too many organizations fighting for the same dollar in the name of combating antisemitism.The American Jewish Committee,The American Jewish Congress,The Wiesenthal Center,Bnai Brith (if it still exists)and many smaller groups..
Of course skin-heads,Muslim hate groups plain old ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative anti Semites must be exposed .
The goal should be to consolidate groups fighting ant-Semites in a similar manner that groups like the Young Israel and the OU SHOULD BE MERGE.
There is no room in our community for a cult of personality.Unless an individual  has a REAL constituency,such as the head of a Synagogue or Rabbinic group  and has been elected by that group  etc,they should not be speaking in the name of the JEWISH COMMUNITY. Even those individuals should speak  only in the name of their own organizations.The Chairman of the President's Conference is such an elected leader.
When your financial support comes from massive fund-raising letters ( ie- world Jewish Congress-which belongs with the above group) then if someone sends you $18 ,they have not delegated to you the right to speak in their name on issues involving settlements,Israeli policy, and so on. 
To think otherwise is nothing more than a fund-raising ploy,so that the world thinks you are "king of the Jews".

Monday, February 08, 2010

Sen. Ted Kaufman /; The declind of Obama /Murtha

Senator Ted Kaufman  (D- Md )who was appointed to the seat of then Sen.. Biden when he became VP attacked the Tea Party members for their lack of knowledge.Commenting on the anger that is current regarding the budget and deficit,he noted that government is complex, and these people really don't understand government and the issues
I am not a Tea Party member,but I do share much of their anger and frustration with both parties for their lack of leadership or ability to represent us and not the lobbyists.I consider myself extremely well informed,besides writing this blog.Those like Sen. Kaufman vote on 2000 page legislation without reading it have the nerve to call us ill-informed.
Today with 24 hour cable,newspapers, blogs of every persuasion more and more people are well informed.There is a tendency on the part of liberals to label all who disagree with them as poorly informed,backward, prejudiced and incapable of looking at and appreciating  their concept of a "progressive  future".
They have a vision of a Europeanized America with socialism as their goal.The American people were looking for a "change" in '08, but that was not the change they voted for.
Luckily Sen. Kaufman has months to go before he retires to private life.

The announcement that the President will not be going to the EU in Europe, confirms that we are witnessing the decline of the Obama Presidency.He has insulted the British and the French as well as the Spanish. His SOU had no mention of ME peace ,and he has failed miserably with N. Korea and Iran.
His prestige on the world stage is way down. In no small part it is due to his failure to take advantage of his huge Congressional margins and pass his programs.The world sees that Cap And Trade is dead as is the grand HC  bill. After the Nov. elections, we will see a new Obama as he fights for win  a second term.

The death of Cong. Murtha is one less vote for the Pelosi health bill.With Wexler(retired) gone,she has lost 2 important votes.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


On the one hand, the Obama administration has reacted amateurishly in pronouncing a close to Gitmo,and its handling of Ft. Hood and the x-mas failed bomber.Most of their errors have come about because they are looking so far left that they lose sight of common sense.
However in the international battle against Al Qaeda especially with the increased use of drones in Yemen,Pakistan and Afghanistan they have excelled beyond the Bush efforts No wonder the ACLU is trying to hamper their efforts,

Sarah Palin got lots of air time last nite with her Tea Party talk.Whether she is the person for 2012, I withhold judgement.She does however stir the masses  who are angry at the massive budget shortfalls with new taxes.
I have not heard anything on foreign policy of the caliber that a seasoned leader should profess.We will watch her over the next year and mark her progress.
I hope the Tea Party activists can be involved  in strengthening conservative candidacies in the Republican Party.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


I don't recall the exact year,but in the 1980's I came up with the concept of an IPA Institute for (of) Public Affairs for the OU. At the time I was a Senior V.P. and Chairman of the Public Affairs Comm. of the OU.Of course as the President of HUVPAC, and a leader in the AIPAC organization, it seemed to be a great fit.
Subsequently I came up with the concept of a Washington summer internship.I went from Senator to Senator and Cong-Congressman in addition to AIPAC, and we soon had a viable exciting program  with interns from across the US serving in both Rep and Dem offices.Each year the number of interns increased.
Eventually we opened a Washington office and sent Nathan Diament to be our Washington leader.For the years of my Presidency,the program  prospered.
This is not the place to discuss the successes or its potential.
Sadly this evening I was informed that the OU is  closing down the program.The excuses I heard to me speak to poor lay leadership and a lack of political sophistication.
They are talking about 2 post-college positions in the OU Washington office.Sounds OK, however they have allowed a once dynamic program to go down the tube.
I remember we even had an IPA dinner to support the internship program,and was able to mobilize the non-orthodox political community for this program.
I always believed that with proper followup, these young men and women interns could become  the next generation of OU leaders.
"What was..was "
Our community still  needs the next generation of political leadership-

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The IDF in Haiti /The GOP Momentum

Last nite we attended a dinner cruise in Miami Beach for Shaare Zedek Hospital.It was nice to see some old friends,and  classmates.
What was informative was Prof. Yonatan Helevy who is Director General of the hospital,who talked about the IDF role in Haiti,which we had previously commented upon.He noted that a number of the surgeons ,including the Commander of the unit were from Shaare Zedek.He also pointed out that the major equipment brought to Haiti by the IDF,such as respirators  were left there for the local hospitals when the unit left last week.The Israeli unit was the first and most complete unit in place,caring for thousands of patients including major surgeries.

The news that an old friend of mine Sen. Dan Coats will be running for ( his old seat) the Senate in Indiana against Sen.Bayh not only is good news for Indiana Republicans, but for the national party. If Pataki would commit himself in NY there is a real possibility that the Reps could gain control of the Senate.
The Cook Report now puts Delaware in the Rep column,and Illinois is a great possible pickup.Lincoln,Landrieu,Reid,Boxer  among others are all vulnerable.The momentum is clear.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Super Bowl ad / Jeb Bush / Schumer

Since I do not follow professional sports,I probably won't see the controversial ad during the super bowl.Surely pro and anti abortion advocates have equal opportunity to push their cause.I find it not only insulting, but immature in the manner the pro-choice people have attacked the ad,the network etc,All the controversy will accomplish is that not only will more people watch the ad,and comment on it,but good,bad or indifferent it will-have staying power.Had the groups acted maturely, they either should have sponsored their own ad,or kept quiet and allow the ad to fade post-game.

I did not live in Florida during the Jeb Bush administration.However, from what I read he is the most "competent of the Bush family".His name has come up in a few blogs as a possible 2012 candidate for President.I heard this AM on local radio,that the constant Obama attacks on the previous President would harm Jeb.I am not so sure.People ,except his ( Obama) base, are tired of the blame game.

Interesting to see Chuck Schumer,who is not only running for re-election,but for Majority Leader (should Reid lose),is below 50% in the latest approval rating. He needs a few more Sunday press conferences in front of a bank or gas station.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Iran and the USA / Rubio vs, Crist

Although the posting of U.S. land and sea based anti-ballistic units is a psychological uplift for Israel,in fact it is less than it appears.
Firstly a US test today simulating an Iranian missile attack was a failure.The ABM did not shoot down the attacking missile.
Secondly,these units for the most part are mobile,and if China threatens Taiwan, or N. Korea acts up,what is to guarantee that some of these units will not  be sent to that arena.
The only guarantee is for Iran to cease her nuclear program.Barring that Israel will have to make its own decisions.
The Heritage Foundation just published a study on the effects of an Israeli attack on Iran.

The latest poll numbers from Florida showing Rubio now 12 points ahead of Crist for the Senate nomination,speaks to the fact that Republican voters want the most conservative candidates on the ticket.