Monday, February 08, 2010

Sen. Ted Kaufman /; The declind of Obama /Murtha

Senator Ted Kaufman  (D- Md )who was appointed to the seat of then Sen.. Biden when he became VP attacked the Tea Party members for their lack of knowledge.Commenting on the anger that is current regarding the budget and deficit,he noted that government is complex, and these people really don't understand government and the issues
I am not a Tea Party member,but I do share much of their anger and frustration with both parties for their lack of leadership or ability to represent us and not the lobbyists.I consider myself extremely well informed,besides writing this blog.Those like Sen. Kaufman vote on 2000 page legislation without reading it have the nerve to call us ill-informed.
Today with 24 hour cable,newspapers, blogs of every persuasion more and more people are well informed.There is a tendency on the part of liberals to label all who disagree with them as poorly informed,backward, prejudiced and incapable of looking at and appreciating  their concept of a "progressive  future".
They have a vision of a Europeanized America with socialism as their goal.The American people were looking for a "change" in '08, but that was not the change they voted for.
Luckily Sen. Kaufman has months to go before he retires to private life.

The announcement that the President will not be going to the EU in Europe, confirms that we are witnessing the decline of the Obama Presidency.He has insulted the British and the French as well as the Spanish. His SOU had no mention of ME peace ,and he has failed miserably with N. Korea and Iran.
His prestige on the world stage is way down. In no small part it is due to his failure to take advantage of his huge Congressional margins and pass his programs.The world sees that Cap And Trade is dead as is the grand HC  bill. After the Nov. elections, we will see a new Obama as he fights for win  a second term.

The death of Cong. Murtha is one less vote for the Pelosi health bill.With Wexler(retired) gone,she has lost 2 important votes.