Thursday, February 18, 2010

Muslim soldiers under suspicion

The report that Muslim US soldiers are being investigated for attempting to poison the food of soldiers at Fort Jackson is a serious matter.
With the allegations against the Obama Muslim envoy,and the Ft. Hood shooter,one must have an elevated suspicion of where is the line of political correctness for Muslims in the service of our country,and when do we see how endemic is this home-grown hatred toward the U.S.

Which brings me to the new proposed examinations of passengers hands for explosive residue.While it sound like a good idea,until our approach mimics the Israelis,not of looking for weapons ,but for terror suspects we will be in trouble.By examining psychological parameters, checking passenger lists beforehand,asking the often innocuous questions and not being afraid to look at people based on age,travel history, ethnicity and so on they are good at what they do.Moreover, they do not harass an old lady in a wheel chair,or force a child to take off his braces..Political correctness sucks when it comes to the general welfare of our flying public.