Friday, July 30, 2010

OBSCENE=the Clinton wedding / ARAB LEAGUE

America does not have royalty,and of course everyone is entitled to spend their own money as they see fit.Nevertheless in a time of 10-14 per cent unemployment, a recession that is dragging on, our former Pres and our Sec. of State should have been able to show some restraint in their priorities.
Yes she is an only daughter,however compared to major movie stars and even Donald Trump's wedding, this is out of the ballpark.

After I wrote last nites blog on the Arab League, they have apparently given permission to Abbas to enter direct negotiations. Now we will see what he does-he seems in no hurry.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


How demeaning! and how desperate is the President to appear on the "View"?Yes his numbers among women like other groups are falling, but the dignity of his office should not be debased by such a move.Beyond which he missed the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts.Like his missing of the Memorial Say Arlington celebration-he has no interest in real Americana.

Hooray for the 45 Republican Congressman who filed HR 1553 that supports Israels right to attack the Iranian nuclear sites if necessary.This represents 1/3 of the Republican members,and I hope they can make it bipartisan.

No surprise that the Arab League turned down direct negotiations for the PA and Israel.Abbas is claiming Olmert promised him that 40-50,000 Arabs could "return" to Israel with a peace treaty and he wants 100,000.Hopefully Bibi's answer is you get-zero take them to your entity-not ours.Hopefully we will SOON see a resumption of settlement building.

Mazel Tov-Mazel Tov how lucky can the Jewish people be -to be able to celebrate a gay rights parade in Jerusalem.....WHAT NACHAS!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The War in Afghanistan

The leaked military papers on the war must be put into context.
1 Most of the material is not new.In fact the duplicity of the Pakistani security forces,the role of Iran and the corruption have been discussed ad nauseum.
2 You don't have to be a military expert to realize the war is going poorly.This is a primitive corrupt society with no feeling for democracy and the rule of law
3 Narcotics rule the day,and billions of both our money and narcotic money leave every week"legally" to Switzerland.
4. The artificial timetable of Obama cannot work for 3 reasons.
A the war is not going well
B Why should the locals sign up with us.if in 1-3 years we will be gone and the Taliban will take revenge.Look at Bret Stephens article yesterday in the WSJ. as to the results of withdrawal from Vietnam and Cambodia-genocide.
C The local could not take over in 1 year.
5 When Obama was campaigning he attacked Bush for being in Iraq, when we should have been in Afghanistan. Now it is his war, and as yesterdays House vote shows,his party in the Congress is not supporting him.He has no way out.
6 The real reason we cannot leave now, is because we cannot allow Pakistan to fall to the Taliban-Al Quida and get control of their nuclear weapons.
Thus we are there,and will be there for a long time-hopefully to some sort of ability to strengthen Pakistan to join our team 100%

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

settlement freeze / obama;s agenda

While both the PM and FM are on record in the last 24 hours that the construction freeze will not be renewes,don't be so sure.
You can never trust Israeli politicians (except Benny Begin) because it in their nature to say one thing and act the opposite.

It appears that except for the vote on Kagan for Supreme Court Justice, the Senate will not conduct meaningful business before election day.The Dems from States that do not border the Atlantic NE or the West coast, are in big trouble for all the liberal votes they took,including an energy tax(cap and tax-trade).The Republican candidate in Nevada Sharon Angle is a poor candidate,and if she beats Reid,it is only because oh his negatives.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bibi and his desperation / In search of a title

As you read the various Israeli papers and web sites,it appears pathetic that Bibi appears to be getting on his hands and knees and begging for direct talks.The Jerusalem Post talks about him giving the PA control of a N Jerusalem road if they come sit at the table.
In truth the hell with them[if they don't really want a State-then fine.
They should be begging for talks.Im the meantime yesterday 5 rockets hit S Israel as a reminder that Abbas does not control Gaza,and his whole regime is on shaky ground.He needs the Arab League to tell him it is OK to advance.How can Israel sit with these people,who will not even recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

I am compiling a book on bar/bat mitzvah Torah thoughts as gleaned from the portions of the weekly Torah readings.
Our first book on Sheva Brachot eas called Sasson Vesimchah.The second on Brit Milah was called Entering the Covenant.
I am open to suggestions for a title.We will have about 80 authors from the US,Israel and Canada and all the proceeds will go to NCSY.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I never get a sick feeling when I read or hear even the most outrageous political comments.I do not read the NTT, however Maureen Dowd's column was reprinted on RealClearPolitics.When I got to the last line. I involuntarily gagged.
She advocated Ms. Sharrod be appointed to the WH staff as DIRECTOR OF BLACK OUTREACH!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Mall in Gaza / Crist /Rangel

It is nice that the Gaza economy can support a glitzy new super-mall.I guess the economy is not so bad after all.Let's remember every city and country in the world has poverty and is seen by any observer.But there are also many areas of affluence.
There is no need in Gaza for staples which come everyday from Israel,the tunnels and Egypt.The problem is they take the concrete and other building material and use it for bunkers.Gaza is no different=POVERTY AND AFFLUENCE.
except they have Hamas.

The 1 hour special session yesterday of the Florida Legislature was a $45,000 waste of money and a political trick by Gov. Crist.Whether Crist will continue to benefit from Democratic Party voters in the election is not clear.Today I saw a full page ad for the Greene campaign for the Democratic Senate primary.Jeff Greene,a businessman,taught Hebrew school,and lived and studied in Israel. If Greene beats Neeks,with his personal wealth,it may influence the 3 way Rubio-Crist-Greene race in Nov.

Looks like Charlie Rangel career is coming to the end.His chutzpah reminds me of Blago.So much for Pelosi's drive for integrity

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


President Obama won the last election because whites and independents thought he was the right person.Now that those two groups are pulling away the cry of "RACISM" is heard.The critics don't consider that it his policies and not his skin color that is at fault.
The NAACP labels the Tea Party racist, primarily because they are irrelevant and in need of publicity.I don't remember them attacking Rev.Wright as racist,or the New Black Panthers.
And now The Daily Caller exposes liberal columnists and media folk who conspired to hide the Rev. Wright story and make up stories that Carl Rove is a racist.
The American people re not going to be fooled by this nonsense.The election will be decided on the economy,jobs,taxes,and national security.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

self hatred on Tisha B'av

Most of us are not real historians,though we know generally of the sufferings of the Jewish people over the ages.This morning as I read the Kinos (lamentations)much of our history became clear. Our synagogue uses the Art Scroll volume which has a great deal of historical information on each prayer.Since the members of our Boynton Beach Synagogue are retired,we try to cover these prayers slowly and with English readings including some history,to add meaning to the day.
Sadly as you read time and again about the Crusades,the Pogromsthe Holocaust as well the book burnings time and again there is an element of Jews and apostate Jews turning on their co-coreligionists.
The burnings of the Talmud in Paris were instigated by Jews as was the burning of the writings of the Rambam (Maimonides)by the Dominicans. .The prevention of the escape from Germany of the Maharam of Rothenberg in 1286 was because of being recognized by an apostate.So much suffering.

In our times the Kapos in the concentration camps was one example. The arrest about 10 years ago of Iranian Jews was again instigated by fellow Jews.
Today American Jews on the Left try to incite the US Govt. to prevent donations of funds to the settlements,while not objecting to funds for Arabs.There are Israelis who accept money from foreign countries to spy and report on the building activities of their fellow Jews in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria.J Street is another example of a group that seeks to divide the American Jewish as well as the Pro-Israel communities into a battle of good and evil.The Left and the Democrats are the good ,and the settlers,Bibi and Republicans are the bad.
Modern day "self hatred" surely cost Jewish lives and political strength, no less than those who pointed out Marrano Jews praying in their hidden room brought about Jewish destruction.
Tisha B'av is a great day to think of the promise of G-d for the building of Jerusalem with a Bet Hamikdash on the Temple Mount.Implied in that future is an atmosphere free of political pressure from Washington to accomodate Arabs who merely want to annihilate the Jews( and create another Kinah ( lamentation) for our Tisha B'av prayer book,to lament our destruction in modern Israel.
As I quoted Ben Gurion yesterday-this time notwithstanding our own misguided brethren, it won't happen.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tishe B'av

Tonite starts the fast of Tishe B'Av which commemorates the destruction of both Temples.While it is reported that 22% of Israelis will fast, the majority of Israelis place great meaning and significance to the destruction of our holiest site and to Jerusalem.
Thus it is appropriate that the words of Ben-Gurion are repeated,(AS THEY ARE IN A YNET ARTICLE BY YORAM ETTINGER0
"Jerusalem is equal to the whole of the land of Israel" he said in 1929.
In 1949 after the UN wanted to internationalize Jerusalem he said"The decision will not be implemented....We will not collaborate with such a decision which breaches the the natural and historic right of the Jewish people in Zion....The State of Israel has had one capital,the eternal Jerusalem ..It was our capital 3000 years ago and will remain our capital to the end of times".
That is the message for our times.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thumbs down on the electric car / Biden as a bookeeper / military support for Israel

The drive to build electric cars is interesting as a sign of progress,But is the cost of billions in research really going to pay off for our drive to cut down on imported oil?
First of all is the price.The guess is 30-57,000 dollars for a small car.Now for the individual who drives short distances to work,how much money in gas would he save and what will be the cost of the electricity?
For the long haul driver,how may miles will you get on a charge-80 to 160(for the #57.400 model)miles.So if you drive 50 miles for a day in the country you may not have enough juice to get home.
How long will it take to recharge the battery?Three to 8 hours.
Now if you want to drive from NY-NJ to Florida as I do twice a year?That would be 8-15 stops with a wait of 3-8 hours to charge-what do you do with the kids? the cost of extra motel stays?Now you can easily cover 600 miles per day with 1 nite in a motel,
It seems to me like a nice toy for a second or third car.However not practical for the masses,and a probable big waste of government money to
develop the car.

It is interesting that VP Biden was fined by the FEC $219,000 for bookkeeping errors in his Presidential bid in 2008.It is thus no wonder that he cannot keep tabs on how many jobs were lost during the Obama administration.

The announcement by the State Dept. of all the military and strategic support that is being given to Israel is wonderful,and they deserve our appreciation.We should not however confuse this with the support (or lack of it) at the UN,or in dealing with Iran and Syria.To a great extent the Obama people look at this as a bribe to keep Israel from taking a first step against Iran, and in keeping the Pro-Israel community quiet.

I agree with the Republicans=Yes to an unemployment extension
no to deficit spending

Friday, July 16, 2010


To those who know or remember my mother (shetichye)today is her 99Th birthday.When you talk of the disintegration of the Jewish community in America,thankfully it is not the Orthodox and traditional community that it refers to.
By sending our children to Yeshivoth both elementary and High School followed by a year in Israel and then on to more advanced education,yet never neglecting Jewish studies the family and orthodox world grows.There is no accepted minimum for the number of children or grandchildren, as each one is necessary to repopulate the world and make up for the Holocaust and for modern assimilation and intermarriage.When the latter 2 occur,it is almost always a permanent loss.
Sheila and I, and our children and grandchildren join the 35 great
grandchildren (plus 2 on the way-so far) (THANK G-D ALL TORAH OBSERVANT)in wishing Bubba Kate A HAPPY

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Iranian Spy / Conversion fever

The story of the Iranian nuclear scientist, sound just like a "story" .It reminds me of the espionage-spy novels that as you get toward the end, you proclaim to your spouse "you don't have to read this -it's unrealistic.
Of course we will never learn the truth.
Did he get homesick after defecting?
Did he get 5 million dollars from the CIA?
If he did, is the money tied up by the sanctions?
Despite the hero welcome, what is his future in Iran? Will they ever trust him again?
Did he really give us valuable information?
And, in the novels he should have been killed before he went home!Why the mercy?
I guess we will have to wait to find out.

The attack by a number of Jewish Senators against the proposed Israeli conversion law is sign that the reform-conservative camp are panicking again.In fact the law while it will not pass,is already in effect.
If you are a "convert" from the US or abroad and wish to marry an Israeli,the Chief Rabbinate will demand papers that you were converted according to halacha.In the US, if someone wants to marry an orthodox Jew,again a proper conversion is required.Even some orthodox conversions done in the US are not acceptable to the Israeli rabbinate unless they (the American Rabbis)have been pre-approved.
The whole issue of Who is a Jew ? comes up every few years.But as more Reform and seculars,and even conservatives intermarry without any conversion,the fight gets less relevant except to the leaders of the 2 left-wing non-orthodox movements.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A sense of doom / Arizona / Israel

One has the feeling of an impending political upheaval in our country.It really appears the Pres does not get it.
The complaint that there is just about no real businessman in the top ranks of the Obama administration is real and critical.There appears no end in sight to the housing mess,and foreclosures are depressing prices.
Despite the nonsense that the economy is doing well, the Fed today predicted a full recovery in 5-6 years.
Businesses are frightened to hire because of economic uncertainties-new taxes -new regulations and a whole new health system that will really kick in a few years.
It isn't that the public loves the Republicans,but they abhor the lack of a change in the political climate in Washington.Every bill was over 2000 pages.primarily not read by most in Congress ,who felt that when it becomes law, we will understand it.Pelosi and Reid drove the legislation,and paid no heed to bipartisanship or the will of the people.(referendum)
They will pay the price.
While the pundits talk about the loss of the House by the Dem's, today William Galston in the New Republic raises the possibility of the loss of the Senate as well.

Why if the DOJ sues Arizona for their role in flaunting Fed law,don't they go after the Sanctuary communities that also violate the intent and letter of the law?

The attempt by a Knesset Committee to mandate a vote (referendum) by the people of Israel before either Jerusalem or the Golan can be negotiated away makes real sense.It would prevent a PM from succumbing to US pressure without the backing of the people.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sharing a shower / NAACP and the Tea Party

A commentator on MSNBC last nite was indignant about a Pentagon questionnaire regarding attitudes of service personnel toward homosexuality.
The question was if you knew that you had to share a shower with a gay person, or share a bedroom with one what would be your reaction?The announcer was yelling that the question was a violation of civil rights.For me I disagree-if I feel uneasy so be it! I'm not going into that shower,or sharing a room with such a person.
As the WSJ article on obesity today confirms there are physical and psychological reactions beyond our control.The same goes for sexual orientation,and ones ability to control urges etc.
Today a professor was fired for teaching morality on this issue.
Yes the left wing has succeeded in diluting and poisoning the well of morality,but we don't have to drink from it if we are smart.

I am not a member of the Tea Party,and like within every group in America there are all shades of opinions within the Tea Party. The attempt by the NAACP to label them as racist will backfire,especially when they say nothing about the New Black Panthers.In essence the Tea Party is really a protest movement against large deficits,govt spending, big govt,,high taxes and so on.The conservatives(and they plus the independents are the majority) in this country just don't want to take it anymore from the professional politicians,and the progressives who run the media,and present only one side of the issues.That is exactly why Fox is so popular.
Of course the declining poll numbers of Obama help to frustrate the left.
I still wish they would try to filibuster Kagan.
How can Sen Brown vote for the financial bill,when Cong. Maxine Waters stuck a job quota Board into the bill at the last moment(for govt. workers)?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Libya / Helen Thomas/ UN and Korea

As the Libyan ship sails toward Gaza, Israel must be more aggressive in telling Libya that they appreciate the contribution of a ship to the Israeli Navy.after its cargo is unloaded .In addition the passengers will NOT be repatriated.

I heard that the film taken by the Rabbi of Helen Thomas that was a sensation on the Internet and then cable TV, was offered to the Jewish Week,who refused it. Perhaps on the grounds it was not newsworthy. That would be understandable,as their prime focus is reliving the "glory" of the 10 year old Lanner story

I was thinking last nite to blog on the UN resolution that seemed to "solve" the issue of the sinking of the S Korea vessel.Thanks to the efforts of China, despite large loss of life,and aggression there was no mention of the North in the resolution.This AM the WSJ editorialized on the issue.
Think of how they treat Israel-condemnations,boycotts-international tribunals and so on.The UN should be an organization that the next President should downgrade or remove ourselves from in considering foreign policy

Thursday, July 08, 2010

In my next life / Bibi and nice talk

When I heard on local radio and TV every half hour about these basketball players and the excitement NY-Miami etc.,I thought I was in another world .As I have noted since the exodus of the Brooklyn Dodgers. I have abstained from professional sports as a fan.
However this morning when Bloomberg radio highlighted the Lebron saga, including the information that if he signed with Miami, he would save 10 million dollars in State tax, I realized that I am sorry that I was NOT CREATED 6'10, with the ability to jump and hit the basket with accuracy.
Oh well !

The nonsense that Bibi is spreading=peace next year is ridiculous. reports Abbas has cancer,and Mubarek dieing of esophageal cancer.Right away 2 destabilizing events.
Hamas and the PA are enemies,and thus there is no one to talk to.Hezbollah is under the control of Iran and is arming to the teeth,and the PA for starters won't conduct direct negotiations or even agree that Israel is a Jewish nation.And of course the threat of Iran grows each day.
Anyway it sounds good!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Within the last few months about 6 shomer shabbat-modern orthodox couples have bought homes on our community in Boynton Beach (ROYAL LAKES).Thus out of the 160 homes in our gated community we now numbers 15 or slightly more.
I see the future for our synagogue Anshe Chesed( a member of the OU) really bright.

Our President who 2 years ago I called a "Pintele Muslim",has once again shown his colors.NASA is broke,and its future cloudy.Now he prioritizes its mission to make Muslims feel good about themselves.
Whatever funding is required should go for American youths.
Any training of Muslims should be geared toward the rule of law,women's rights,free elections,a free press,but not by NASA.
The "S" in NASA is SPACE and not SILLINESS

The new recess appointment of the medical head of Medicare-Medicaid confirms our fears
Why is the WH fearful of Senate hearings?


Tuesday, July 06, 2010


What a difference a few months make-Blair House-Red Carpet-photo-op-protesting over the "RUMORS" of tense relations-etc.
We are getting closer to elections,and the Senate and House letters of course have real significance.
One sad event,which is typical of Jewish history, when slanderers go to the government to complain.As we Jews are in the 3 week period the led up to the destruction of the Temples,our Rabbis point out it was due to malicious hatred of one Jew for another.
I am referring to a petition by 16,000 Americans brought by Americans for Peace Now,to the White House,calling on Obama to force a settlement freeze on Israel.
We have a prayer said 3 times a day against such people.Surely they will have to answer to a higher authority.
All this nice talk cannot hide the tension over Iran,and the lack of direct talks.
I urge everyone to read Bret Stephens in the current issue of Commentary on the futility of Iranian sanctions.

I neglected to say (when I wrote the above a few hours ago) the obvious,namely that probably 99% of the people who signed the petition never had to sleep in Sderot and be under rocket attack.Nor have they had children or spouses who fought in any of the wars to liberate Jerusalem, or pay taxes as citizens of Israel. Sitting in America and not sharing the burdens of Israelis certainly disqualifies these people from attacking the duly elected leaders of a fellow democracy.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Gaffes are not policy

The headlines have been that the Dems are out looking for GAFFES of Republicans to show on you-tube.
No doubt RNC Chairman Steele, and Cong. Barton have made statements that the left can jump with glee in the hopes that it will take everyone's mind off our economy etc.
Of course 2 can play "gotcha" and that makes for nice political theater.
However,the issues of the day are not which party makes the most stupid mistakes.Today with cameras including phone cameras, blackberry,Internet,and 24 hour cable news fueled by blogger, it would be impossible if in any 24 hour cycle some politician like Biden or Steele didn't say something worth laughing at,or becoming infuriated with.
That is all fun and political games.The American public is smarter than that.
\How fast,and with what type of leadership is the oil spill being addressed?
Was every opportunity to avail ourselves of academia,corporate,foreign and domestic expertise used and in an appropriate manner.Or is govt. bureaucracy over the ecology, wildlife, arcane rules,and lack of coordination represent the Obama approach
What happened to the jobs promised from the stimulus? No thinking person will believe that this new category of "jobs created or saved" is anything but double talk.If our rate is 9.5-9,7 % unemployed it is obvious that the Dems screwed up.Worse they have NO NEW IDEAS except more stimulus.
Lower taxes and public pension reform, getting rid of economic uncertainty,reduce the debt,reduce discretionary spending and repealing Obama care are a few of the approaches.
Has the President's approach to Iran and N. Korea paid off? Has his hard line toward Israel worked?
Are we winning the war in Afghanistan?
Are we protecting our borders?
Yes gaffes are funny-but pointing them out will not change any of the above one iota.
By the way 4 years ago Obama -Biden blasted the Bush policy on Iraq,and the liberals yelled General betray-us.Now that the Bush surged worked and Petraeus walks on water,Biden has the chutzpah to say, the upcoming withdrawal from Iraq show that the Obama Iraq policy worked! Sounds like a good addition to the "gaffe" file

Thursday, July 01, 2010

ACLU, Arizona and Obama

The ACLU has sent out a notice to all its chapters advising them that non-whites should avoid Arizona for fear of racial profiling.In view of the fact that the Arizona law has not yet come into effect for another month or so,and there has not been a single reported case of racial profiling in Arizona ,their advice is nothing more than left wing garbage.
In fact the existent Federal Law,which is not being enforced is tougher on non-whites,without the protections of the Arizona Law.
One of the blogs said that the President's speech today on immigration,sounded as though it was written by a high school student,after a social studies program/
One of the big lies of the President is to blame every shortcoming on the Republicans.Yet the facts are that he has huge majorities in both Houses,and before Brown was elected, a 60 vote margin in the Senate.The truth is that he cannot produce legislation via his own party, and except for Afghanistan,where he can't control his liberal base,has been unwilling to show any bipartisanship.
From day 1-his team in the WH has pushed for a super-partisan agenda.and
if you look at his poll numbers as well as the numbers on health care they have failed to convince America of their competency(especially on the Gulf spill).
In foreign policy,issue after issue,has shown his impotence.Iran,N. Korea
are but 2 areas,Today's story on page 1 of the WSJ on Iran giving advanced radar to Syria is but another example of such a failure.Here again this weeks polls show Jewish Americans who voted for Obama in the last election by a 78% margin,are now down to 42%.For him and his party these are serious numbers.