Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A sense of doom / Arizona / Israel

One has the feeling of an impending political upheaval in our country.It really appears the Pres does not get it.
The complaint that there is just about no real businessman in the top ranks of the Obama administration is real and critical.There appears no end in sight to the housing mess,and foreclosures are depressing prices.
Despite the nonsense that the economy is doing well, the Fed today predicted a full recovery in 5-6 years.
Businesses are frightened to hire because of economic uncertainties-new taxes -new regulations and a whole new health system that will really kick in a few years.
It isn't that the public loves the Republicans,but they abhor the lack of a change in the political climate in Washington.Every bill was over 2000 pages.primarily not read by most in Congress ,who felt that when it becomes law, we will understand it.Pelosi and Reid drove the legislation,and paid no heed to bipartisanship or the will of the people.(referendum)
They will pay the price.
While the pundits talk about the loss of the House by the Dem's, today William Galston in the New Republic raises the possibility of the loss of the Senate as well.

Why if the DOJ sues Arizona for their role in flaunting Fed law,don't they go after the Sanctuary communities that also violate the intent and letter of the law?

The attempt by a Knesset Committee to mandate a vote (referendum) by the people of Israel before either Jerusalem or the Golan can be negotiated away makes real sense.It would prevent a PM from succumbing to US pressure without the backing of the people.