Monday, July 19, 2010

Tishe B'av

Tonite starts the fast of Tishe B'Av which commemorates the destruction of both Temples.While it is reported that 22% of Israelis will fast, the majority of Israelis place great meaning and significance to the destruction of our holiest site and to Jerusalem.
Thus it is appropriate that the words of Ben-Gurion are repeated,(AS THEY ARE IN A YNET ARTICLE BY YORAM ETTINGER0
"Jerusalem is equal to the whole of the land of Israel" he said in 1929.
In 1949 after the UN wanted to internationalize Jerusalem he said"The decision will not be implemented....We will not collaborate with such a decision which breaches the the natural and historic right of the Jewish people in Zion....The State of Israel has had one capital,the eternal Jerusalem ..It was our capital 3000 years ago and will remain our capital to the end of times".
That is the message for our times.