Thursday, July 01, 2010

ACLU, Arizona and Obama

The ACLU has sent out a notice to all its chapters advising them that non-whites should avoid Arizona for fear of racial profiling.In view of the fact that the Arizona law has not yet come into effect for another month or so,and there has not been a single reported case of racial profiling in Arizona ,their advice is nothing more than left wing garbage.
In fact the existent Federal Law,which is not being enforced is tougher on non-whites,without the protections of the Arizona Law.
One of the blogs said that the President's speech today on immigration,sounded as though it was written by a high school student,after a social studies program/
One of the big lies of the President is to blame every shortcoming on the Republicans.Yet the facts are that he has huge majorities in both Houses,and before Brown was elected, a 60 vote margin in the Senate.The truth is that he cannot produce legislation via his own party, and except for Afghanistan,where he can't control his liberal base,has been unwilling to show any bipartisanship.
From day 1-his team in the WH has pushed for a super-partisan agenda.and
if you look at his poll numbers as well as the numbers on health care they have failed to convince America of their competency(especially on the Gulf spill).
In foreign policy,issue after issue,has shown his impotence.Iran,N. Korea
are but 2 areas,Today's story on page 1 of the WSJ on Iran giving advanced radar to Syria is but another example of such a failure.Here again this weeks polls show Jewish Americans who voted for Obama in the last election by a 78% margin,are now down to 42%.For him and his party these are serious numbers.