Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thumbs down on the electric car / Biden as a bookeeper / military support for Israel

The drive to build electric cars is interesting as a sign of progress,But is the cost of billions in research really going to pay off for our drive to cut down on imported oil?
First of all is the price.The guess is 30-57,000 dollars for a small car.Now for the individual who drives short distances to work,how much money in gas would he save and what will be the cost of the electricity?
For the long haul driver,how may miles will you get on a charge-80 to 160(for the #57.400 model)miles.So if you drive 50 miles for a day in the country you may not have enough juice to get home.
How long will it take to recharge the battery?Three to 8 hours.
Now if you want to drive from NY-NJ to Florida as I do twice a year?That would be 8-15 stops with a wait of 3-8 hours to charge-what do you do with the kids? the cost of extra motel stays?Now you can easily cover 600 miles per day with 1 nite in a motel,
It seems to me like a nice toy for a second or third car.However not practical for the masses,and a probable big waste of government money to
develop the car.

It is interesting that VP Biden was fined by the FEC $219,000 for bookkeeping errors in his Presidential bid in 2008.It is thus no wonder that he cannot keep tabs on how many jobs were lost during the Obama administration.

The announcement by the State Dept. of all the military and strategic support that is being given to Israel is wonderful,and they deserve our appreciation.We should not however confuse this with the support (or lack of it) at the UN,or in dealing with Iran and Syria.To a great extent the Obama people look at this as a bribe to keep Israel from taking a first step against Iran, and in keeping the Pro-Israel community quiet.

I agree with the Republicans=Yes to an unemployment extension
no to deficit spending