Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sharing a shower / NAACP and the Tea Party

A commentator on MSNBC last nite was indignant about a Pentagon questionnaire regarding attitudes of service personnel toward homosexuality.
The question was if you knew that you had to share a shower with a gay person, or share a bedroom with one what would be your reaction?The announcer was yelling that the question was a violation of civil rights.For me I disagree-if I feel uneasy so be it! I'm not going into that shower,or sharing a room with such a person.
As the WSJ article on obesity today confirms there are physical and psychological reactions beyond our control.The same goes for sexual orientation,and ones ability to control urges etc.
Today a professor was fired for teaching morality on this issue.
Yes the left wing has succeeded in diluting and poisoning the well of morality,but we don't have to drink from it if we are smart.

I am not a member of the Tea Party,and like within every group in America there are all shades of opinions within the Tea Party. The attempt by the NAACP to label them as racist will backfire,especially when they say nothing about the New Black Panthers.In essence the Tea Party is really a protest movement against large deficits,govt spending, big govt,,high taxes and so on.The conservatives(and they plus the independents are the majority) in this country just don't want to take it anymore from the professional politicians,and the progressives who run the media,and present only one side of the issues.That is exactly why Fox is so popular.
Of course the declining poll numbers of Obama help to frustrate the left.
I still wish they would try to filibuster Kagan.
How can Sen Brown vote for the financial bill,when Cong. Maxine Waters stuck a job quota Board into the bill at the last moment(for govt. workers)?