Thursday, July 08, 2010

In my next life / Bibi and nice talk

When I heard on local radio and TV every half hour about these basketball players and the excitement NY-Miami etc.,I thought I was in another world .As I have noted since the exodus of the Brooklyn Dodgers. I have abstained from professional sports as a fan.
However this morning when Bloomberg radio highlighted the Lebron saga, including the information that if he signed with Miami, he would save 10 million dollars in State tax, I realized that I am sorry that I was NOT CREATED 6'10, with the ability to jump and hit the basket with accuracy.
Oh well !

The nonsense that Bibi is spreading=peace next year is ridiculous. reports Abbas has cancer,and Mubarek dieing of esophageal cancer.Right away 2 destabilizing events.
Hamas and the PA are enemies,and thus there is no one to talk to.Hezbollah is under the control of Iran and is arming to the teeth,and the PA for starters won't conduct direct negotiations or even agree that Israel is a Jewish nation.And of course the threat of Iran grows each day.
Anyway it sounds good!