Monday, July 12, 2010

Libya / Helen Thomas/ UN and Korea

As the Libyan ship sails toward Gaza, Israel must be more aggressive in telling Libya that they appreciate the contribution of a ship to the Israeli Navy.after its cargo is unloaded .In addition the passengers will NOT be repatriated.

I heard that the film taken by the Rabbi of Helen Thomas that was a sensation on the Internet and then cable TV, was offered to the Jewish Week,who refused it. Perhaps on the grounds it was not newsworthy. That would be understandable,as their prime focus is reliving the "glory" of the 10 year old Lanner story

I was thinking last nite to blog on the UN resolution that seemed to "solve" the issue of the sinking of the S Korea vessel.Thanks to the efforts of China, despite large loss of life,and aggression there was no mention of the North in the resolution.This AM the WSJ editorialized on the issue.
Think of how they treat Israel-condemnations,boycotts-international tribunals and so on.The UN should be an organization that the next President should downgrade or remove ourselves from in considering foreign policy