Monday, July 05, 2010

Gaffes are not policy

The headlines have been that the Dems are out looking for GAFFES of Republicans to show on you-tube.
No doubt RNC Chairman Steele, and Cong. Barton have made statements that the left can jump with glee in the hopes that it will take everyone's mind off our economy etc.
Of course 2 can play "gotcha" and that makes for nice political theater.
However,the issues of the day are not which party makes the most stupid mistakes.Today with cameras including phone cameras, blackberry,Internet,and 24 hour cable news fueled by blogger, it would be impossible if in any 24 hour cycle some politician like Biden or Steele didn't say something worth laughing at,or becoming infuriated with.
That is all fun and political games.The American public is smarter than that.
\How fast,and with what type of leadership is the oil spill being addressed?
Was every opportunity to avail ourselves of academia,corporate,foreign and domestic expertise used and in an appropriate manner.Or is govt. bureaucracy over the ecology, wildlife, arcane rules,and lack of coordination represent the Obama approach
What happened to the jobs promised from the stimulus? No thinking person will believe that this new category of "jobs created or saved" is anything but double talk.If our rate is 9.5-9,7 % unemployed it is obvious that the Dems screwed up.Worse they have NO NEW IDEAS except more stimulus.
Lower taxes and public pension reform, getting rid of economic uncertainty,reduce the debt,reduce discretionary spending and repealing Obama care are a few of the approaches.
Has the President's approach to Iran and N. Korea paid off? Has his hard line toward Israel worked?
Are we winning the war in Afghanistan?
Are we protecting our borders?
Yes gaffes are funny-but pointing them out will not change any of the above one iota.
By the way 4 years ago Obama -Biden blasted the Bush policy on Iraq,and the liberals yelled General betray-us.Now that the Bush surged worked and Petraeus walks on water,Biden has the chutzpah to say, the upcoming withdrawal from Iraq show that the Obama Iraq policy worked! Sounds like a good addition to the "gaffe" file