Friday, July 16, 2010


To those who know or remember my mother (shetichye)today is her 99Th birthday.When you talk of the disintegration of the Jewish community in America,thankfully it is not the Orthodox and traditional community that it refers to.
By sending our children to Yeshivoth both elementary and High School followed by a year in Israel and then on to more advanced education,yet never neglecting Jewish studies the family and orthodox world grows.There is no accepted minimum for the number of children or grandchildren, as each one is necessary to repopulate the world and make up for the Holocaust and for modern assimilation and intermarriage.When the latter 2 occur,it is almost always a permanent loss.
Sheila and I, and our children and grandchildren join the 35 great
grandchildren (plus 2 on the way-so far) (THANK G-D ALL TORAH OBSERVANT)in wishing Bubba Kate A HAPPY