Monday, July 26, 2010

Bibi and his desperation / In search of a title

As you read the various Israeli papers and web sites,it appears pathetic that Bibi appears to be getting on his hands and knees and begging for direct talks.The Jerusalem Post talks about him giving the PA control of a N Jerusalem road if they come sit at the table.
In truth the hell with them[if they don't really want a State-then fine.
They should be begging for talks.Im the meantime yesterday 5 rockets hit S Israel as a reminder that Abbas does not control Gaza,and his whole regime is on shaky ground.He needs the Arab League to tell him it is OK to advance.How can Israel sit with these people,who will not even recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

I am compiling a book on bar/bat mitzvah Torah thoughts as gleaned from the portions of the weekly Torah readings.
Our first book on Sheva Brachot eas called Sasson Vesimchah.The second on Brit Milah was called Entering the Covenant.
I am open to suggestions for a title.We will have about 80 authors from the US,Israel and Canada and all the proceeds will go to NCSY.