Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Mall in Gaza / Crist /Rangel

It is nice that the Gaza economy can support a glitzy new super-mall.I guess the economy is not so bad after all.Let's remember every city and country in the world has poverty and is seen by any observer.But there are also many areas of affluence.
There is no need in Gaza for staples which come everyday from Israel,the tunnels and Egypt.The problem is they take the concrete and other building material and use it for bunkers.Gaza is no different=POVERTY AND AFFLUENCE.
except they have Hamas.

The 1 hour special session yesterday of the Florida Legislature was a $45,000 waste of money and a political trick by Gov. Crist.Whether Crist will continue to benefit from Democratic Party voters in the election is not clear.Today I saw a full page ad for the Greene campaign for the Democratic Senate primary.Jeff Greene,a businessman,taught Hebrew school,and lived and studied in Israel. If Greene beats Neeks,with his personal wealth,it may influence the 3 way Rubio-Crist-Greene race in Nov.

Looks like Charlie Rangel career is coming to the end.His chutzpah reminds me of Blago.So much for Pelosi's drive for integrity