Friday, January 27, 2006

HAMAS -1/27/06

All day yesterday I kept thinking of my conversation with the late PM Rabin OBM,a few days after they ANNOUNCED Oslo.This conversation is documented in "Journey Through The Minefields"
In answer to my question as to why he resurrected the PLO in Tunis and not wait three years, and deal with local Arabs,he answered:
1 In three years Hizbollah will overcome the Lebanese, and Israel cannot deal with Hizbollah
2 In three years,Hamas will overcome the PLO and Israel can deal with Arafat and not Hamas.
When our small group including Senator Harris Wofford( D-Penn) left the PM we visited with Palestinian leaders in the American Consulate in Jerusalem. In a state of Euphoria,they calmly announced that between then and the actual signing of the Accord they would wipe out Hamas. Because they were not a State, they could get away with such a move without condemnation.(which Israel could not do).
The elections this week prove that Rabin,Peres and Beilin were ( and still are) wrong.
The Hamas are but two heads of a terrorist lifestyle and weltaanschung-both dedicated to destroying Israel.Hamas is more open and less sophisticated in uttering their hate.The PA are corrupt and leaderless.
From day 1 we have never seen an educational campaign by the PA to inculcate the need for a permanent peace and 2 State solution.
We have never seen a single terrorist arrested or disarmed (or extradited as per previous agreements)
We have never seen a single meeting of the anti-incitement committee…and so on
Rabin miscalculated that the PA would succeed-However Arafat never wanted a two State solution.
Combined with their corruption ,the PA were destined to fail once Abbas took over. He is a poor leader, and no less a terrorist than Arafat, even if he never fired a weapon.
I am deeply concerned that that the EU,UN and some left –leaning politicians in this Country, will apply pressure on Olmert and Israel to hold first informal, and then formal talks wth Hamas.
Our task is to keep the pressure on the Administration not to yield to a terror State.Let us be realistic-Oslo and the Road-Map are dead.
SECURITY , SECURITY and fortitude are the key words as Israel must muster strength to face both Hamas and Iran.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sharon's health-1/24/06

Once again the issue of PM Sharon’s health prior to his first TIA is in the news. Meretz is calling for an investigation based on an ongoing Haaretz story.
This would not be surprising based upon his obesity, hypertension and underlying cardiac pathology.
However it is not unusual for Heads of State to have their medical condition kept from the public. FDR was dying of prostate Ca; JFK was on chronic steroids for his back etc and the public was kept in the dark.
Be that as it may, more importantly is the fact that the withdrawal from Gaza has netted Israel with a major security headache Gaza has truly has become Hamastan.
Thank the good Lord that Jimmy Carter has arrived for the PA elections,and to assure us that Hamas will moderate once in power.I assume he is now an expert on terrorists based upon his leadership durind the Iran hostage crisis.
I would love to see a campaign issue raised in Israel re: the selection of Justices of the Supreme Court.At present this post-zionist body represents the Tel Aviv intellectual elite.
It was music to my ears to hear Judge Alito declare we in the US should not look to other countries for advice on legal doctrine.
I received a call this week from Jim Besser of the Jewish Week who is doing a story on Jewish bloggers.Sounds interesting.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hamas-the hearings-a sad note on society- 1/19/06

Todays Tel Aviv bombing once again points out that regardless of the compromises made by Israel,its opponents will never accept Israels right to exist.
Next weeks election with a probable strong Hamas showing ,taken together with all the international talk of the dangers of Iran , place new factors into the atmosphere as Israelis ponder the post-Sharon era.
The Judiciary Committees hearing point out once again the obvious
1.Presidential and Senatorial elections really matter
2.Few of the Senators ,and certainly not Kennedy or Biden could successfully have undergone a public examination of their lives. (plagiarism, expulsion from college, failure to pick a car-mate that knew how to swim).
3.Despite meticulous staff presentation, after the first question, these Senators could not go head to head with a brilliant jurist.
4.With the President successfully campaigning on a conservative platform, judicial nominees cannot be disqualified for being conservative,any more than Thurgood Marshal or Ruth Bader Ginsberg were disqualified for being liberals during a liberal administration.
5.The Democrats looked ugly and vindictive
As I sat in the Miami library ,a homeless man was reading the story of the beating and senseless murder of another homeless man.I could not help being moved as he spoke out loud to himself " Just because he was homeless., why did they have to kill him?"

Monday, January 09, 2006


The apparent pressure that Sec of State Condaleeza Rice is placing on the transitional Olmert administration is truly outrageous.
She allegedly forced the Israelis to yield on their refusal to allow all PA parties,including Hamas to campaign in Jerusalem.
Now is the time for Olmert to stand tall and refuse to be bullied.
I recall when Netanyahu was in office but a few days, the Administration gave him the “ bums rush” in trying to pressure him before he even had his foreign policy team together.
It may be time for American Jewish organizations to speak out early- on in this transitional process.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Questions regarding the PM's care 1/6/06

There is a very interesting story in today’s Haaretz regarding a whole series of medical questions regarding the medical care given to PM Sharon.
These include the dosage of anti-coagulants, the use of an ambulance instead of a helicopter, going to Hadassah in Jerusalem instead of Soroka in Beersheba(which is a wonderful ,large and closer facility) and the absence of a physician at Sharon’s ranch.In addition is the question of him not being admitted to Hadassah the night before his scheduled procedure.

I am not a neurosurgeon, but in consulting with one, my initial clinical impressions were confirmed regarding the very wisdom of operating in the presence of a massive brain hemorrhage especially in the brain stem region.

At a future time the ethical issues of dying with dignity as well as the question is there a different standard of care used for VIP's will be topics of discussion and debate. In addition is the question I have raised regarding how much medical information is the public entitled to know and in what time frame?

A side lesson is the reminder for all of us to have a living will with proper designation of family/halachic authorities to make the emotional but necessary decisions at these moments.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Our prayers go to Prime Minister Sharon for a full recovery.
As I noted previously the health situation of world leaders is never discussed honestly in time of illness.It now come out ,that his Cardiac defect was known about well in advance, despite portraying him as” fit as a fiddle.”We do not know at this moment his true condition.Ventilators,anesthesia etc mask cerebral function and status.
The chance of recovery from a bleed into the brain of this apparent magnitude, complicated by his anticoagulant therapy,are slim.Even if he survives, and that is a huge IF,the rehabilitation time could be months to years with the eventual outcome uncertain.
The whole dynamics of a one–man party are totally and irrevocably overturned. There has to be a massive and difficult fight for party leadership,which could fracture Kadimah before they get off the ground.Some of the Kadimah people may jump ship for their loyalty and political deals were with Sharon (often in secret).Olmert is no Sharon!
I hope that Netanyahu will be able to convince Sharansky to take a larger role in Likud,and convince Benny Begin to return to politics.If the Religious Zionists and Nationalist groups could unite under Netanyahu, the results of polling will look a lot different in 45 days,after the sympathy factor for Sharon is off the table.
Of course HAMAS will do its part by increased terror attacks and IF there is a PA election, doing well, thereby scaring the Israeli body politic.
Thank G-d the vitality of the Israeli democracy will overcome and withstand such cataclysmic events.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The article in yesterdays NY Times on the architecture of the “wall” is another pseudo-intellectual attack on Israel.There is no mention of the lives lost before sections of the separation fence/wall have gone up, nor the lives already saved by its construction.
There are no interviews with Israeli victims and survivors of previous homicide/suicide bombers. In addition no mention is made of the attempted daily infiltrations that are checked by heavy security These attempts have only one aim , to disrupt ,maim and destroy the daily lives of peaceful innocent Israeli citizens.
Finally there is no description of fences around the world that protect the security of nations such as Morocco and so on
.Architecture...very interesting .Peace and full security ..vital for the life of the country.Disband terror goups, and follow the prerequisites of the all previous peace plans and we can then talk about architecture.

The daily rocket attacks in southern Israel ,the threat of Hamas to win and disrupt the elections ,the lawlessness in Gaza are further signs that the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza did not achieve its strategic goals.
Why should Israel even consider allowing Jerusalem Palestinians to vote in any PA elections, unless they are planning to eventually divide the city?

The subject of Senator Hillary Clintons relationship with the pro-Israel community is of continued interest to the media.I spent almost an hour yesterday with the Village Voice for a Jan 10 or 11 article on the issue