Friday, January 06, 2006

Questions regarding the PM's care 1/6/06

There is a very interesting story in today’s Haaretz regarding a whole series of medical questions regarding the medical care given to PM Sharon.
These include the dosage of anti-coagulants, the use of an ambulance instead of a helicopter, going to Hadassah in Jerusalem instead of Soroka in Beersheba(which is a wonderful ,large and closer facility) and the absence of a physician at Sharon’s ranch.In addition is the question of him not being admitted to Hadassah the night before his scheduled procedure.

I am not a neurosurgeon, but in consulting with one, my initial clinical impressions were confirmed regarding the very wisdom of operating in the presence of a massive brain hemorrhage especially in the brain stem region.

At a future time the ethical issues of dying with dignity as well as the question is there a different standard of care used for VIP's will be topics of discussion and debate. In addition is the question I have raised regarding how much medical information is the public entitled to know and in what time frame?

A side lesson is the reminder for all of us to have a living will with proper designation of family/halachic authorities to make the emotional but necessary decisions at these moments.