Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sharon's health-1/24/06

Once again the issue of PM Sharon’s health prior to his first TIA is in the news. Meretz is calling for an investigation based on an ongoing Haaretz story.
This would not be surprising based upon his obesity, hypertension and underlying cardiac pathology.
However it is not unusual for Heads of State to have their medical condition kept from the public. FDR was dying of prostate Ca; JFK was on chronic steroids for his back etc and the public was kept in the dark.
Be that as it may, more importantly is the fact that the withdrawal from Gaza has netted Israel with a major security headache Gaza has truly has become Hamastan.
Thank the good Lord that Jimmy Carter has arrived for the PA elections,and to assure us that Hamas will moderate once in power.I assume he is now an expert on terrorists based upon his leadership durind the Iran hostage crisis.
I would love to see a campaign issue raised in Israel re: the selection of Justices of the Supreme Court.At present this post-zionist body represents the Tel Aviv intellectual elite.
It was music to my ears to hear Judge Alito declare we in the US should not look to other countries for advice on legal doctrine.
I received a call this week from Jim Besser of the Jewish Week who is doing a story on Jewish bloggers.Sounds interesting.