Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hamas-the hearings-a sad note on society- 1/19/06

Todays Tel Aviv bombing once again points out that regardless of the compromises made by Israel,its opponents will never accept Israels right to exist.
Next weeks election with a probable strong Hamas showing ,taken together with all the international talk of the dangers of Iran , place new factors into the atmosphere as Israelis ponder the post-Sharon era.
The Judiciary Committees hearing point out once again the obvious
1.Presidential and Senatorial elections really matter
2.Few of the Senators ,and certainly not Kennedy or Biden could successfully have undergone a public examination of their lives. (plagiarism, expulsion from college, failure to pick a car-mate that knew how to swim).
3.Despite meticulous staff presentation, after the first question, these Senators could not go head to head with a brilliant jurist.
4.With the President successfully campaigning on a conservative platform, judicial nominees cannot be disqualified for being conservative,any more than Thurgood Marshal or Ruth Bader Ginsberg were disqualified for being liberals during a liberal administration.
5.The Democrats looked ugly and vindictive
As I sat in the Miami library ,a homeless man was reading the story of the beating and senseless murder of another homeless man.I could not help being moved as he spoke out loud to himself " Just because he was homeless., why did they have to kill him?"