Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The article in yesterdays NY Times on the architecture of the “wall” is another pseudo-intellectual attack on Israel.There is no mention of the lives lost before sections of the separation fence/wall have gone up, nor the lives already saved by its construction.
There are no interviews with Israeli victims and survivors of previous homicide/suicide bombers. In addition no mention is made of the attempted daily infiltrations that are checked by heavy security These attempts have only one aim , to disrupt ,maim and destroy the daily lives of peaceful innocent Israeli citizens.
Finally there is no description of fences around the world that protect the security of nations such as Morocco and so on
.Architecture...very interesting .Peace and full security ..vital for the life of the country.Disband terror goups, and follow the prerequisites of the all previous peace plans and we can then talk about architecture.

The daily rocket attacks in southern Israel ,the threat of Hamas to win and disrupt the elections ,the lawlessness in Gaza are further signs that the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza did not achieve its strategic goals.
Why should Israel even consider allowing Jerusalem Palestinians to vote in any PA elections, unless they are planning to eventually divide the city?

The subject of Senator Hillary Clintons relationship with the pro-Israel community is of continued interest to the media.I spent almost an hour yesterday with the Village Voice for a Jan 10 or 11 article on the issue