Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WEINERGATE- yom yerushalayim- Syria

I have no idea what the truth is re: the Twitter allegedly hacked of someone in a pair of shorts with an apparent erection.
HOWEVER,watching his (Weiner's) performance on CNN tonite,we do not have the answers to 3 basic questions--(Methinks he protesteth too much!)
Did he send the twitter?
Why didn't he call police, FBI etc?
Why is he following the twitter account of this 21 year old college student?
This will not go away,and as time passes who knows who or what will turn up by investigative reporting.

Today I gave a shiur in Delray on the topic of Jerusalem, in honor of Yom Yerushalayim celebtating its reunification -which is tomorrow.
Other than the 19 year from 1948 to 1967 Jerusalem was never divided in its 3000 year history.
To go back to the 1967 border would do just that-and that is an impossible situation.

The situation in Syria gets worse by the day. The picures of the beaten 14 year old whose corpse showed massive torture and mutilation is a stain on ASSAD.

Monday, May 30, 2011


For some reason I am more 'malancholy' today about Memorial Day than in years gone by.
Perhaps it is because I am a little older,or because of a whole series of deaths in our community and in my old Monsey community in the last 2 weeks.
More likely it was a remark that someone in my shul passed to me saying"you were not in real combat,but rather in a tent cutting up people".That led me to reminiscing about all the soldiers ,whose names I never knew in Vietnam who paid the ultimate price.Or the Rabbi killed in a plane crash in Vietnam.I also recall 3 doctors that I know of killed as well.
I recall the young physician in our unit shot down while in a helicopter,surving only by outrunning enemy ground troops firing on him even with mortars.He had been a doc in the field,but after the incident assigned to our surgical unit.Every nite he drank himself to sleep.
There are so many incidents that come to mind-coming under enemy fire during the pesach seder,or going on red alert ,as enemy soldiers penetrated the perimeter,and we sat in bunkers with helmets flak jackets and a 45 caliber pistol, awaiting an MP to escort us to the OR, because they worried the doctors would forget or screw up the code words and get shot by accident.
I close my eyes and recall an incident that occurred while I was saying good-nite to a collague outside the back of the kitchen.We each started to walk our seperate ways.It was only 15-20 seconds later that a rocket hit exactly where we were standing.I have a picure of the hundreds of fragments embedded into the back of the refrigerators.
Those who survive any war, and come back physically and mentally whole have much to be thankful for.
Today we have brave young men and women in all corners of the world doing their duty.We owe them a geat debt and pray for their safety.

How long will it take Obama to recognize that Assad is killing his oeople,and must go? Sadly he has a love affair with the Syrian despot! What kind of foreign policy is he advocating?
We are losing Yemen,stalemate in Libya,screw Israel, Egypt in a stste of flux.

Friday, May 27, 2011


One pre-shabbat thought:
I heard Juan Williams the token Fox Liberal attack Bibi for Lecturing Obama in the Oval Office.
Many left wing commentators similarly stresseD "lack of protocal"," lack of diplomacy" arrogant and so on.
I did not see any joking fromm the left when Obama looked like a ninny holding a glass in his hand and turning to the Queen making a toast while the band played "G-d save the Queen".She looked at him as though he was a silly amateur.Nor did the mainstream press talk about his signing '2008' in the guest book.
Yes maybe Bibi was impertinant,or arrogant or undiplomatic...but you know what, when his nation is under the gun by a "RASHAH" LIKE OBAMA ,his obligation was to speak as forcefully as possible-when he had the chance.
Mordechau told Queen Esther " it is for this ( to save the Jews) that you were chosen.
Surely G-d placed an articulate,english speaking.handsome PM in this situation to let the world know--NEVER AGAIN,AND HAVE THE CONGRESS GIVE HIM 29 STANDING OVATIONS,MORE THAN OBAMA RECIEVED IN HIS STOU (26).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Millenium Scare / MR ED / MAALEH HAZETIM

Somehow the world did not end this past weekend-SUPRISE!
As 1999 approached its conclusion we had 2 fears-massive terrorist attacks,and the computers of the world would cease to function and chaos would ensue.
Businesses and individuals spent millions or billions on consultants, new computers and systems.Somehow the experts were wrong.
Now we are being told that our best friend Pre. Obama (second only to Thomas Friedman) is really worried about the doomsday in Sept. when the General Assembly will vote for a Palestinian State,and Israel will be isolated,
The day after, the world will realize,that not only has nothing changed,as this would be the latest in a long series of anti-Israel UN votes,but in fact will probably lead to new conflict,BUT ISRAEL WILL REMAIN STRONG AND VIBRANT.If a conflict G-d forbid occurs,Israel will come out stronger than ever,because Hamas and Hezbollah will have been decimated.Nobody hopes for such an eventuality for each Jewish life is sacred.
However the battle over the land involves more than simple geography or geo-political issues.It is a theological battle for the land given our forefathers Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.No Obama or UN can ever change our destiny.
Oslo -whatever remains of it will have been declared null and void.Israel will take whatever steps it has to to incorporate settlements into Israel proper.Israel will withold tax money on a permanent basis.
What will happen to security cooperation is hard to predict, as the PA is playing with fire if they invite the Hamas leadership and thugs into the West Bank.
There is a good chance America via Congressional directive will cut off funding to the PA.If Egypt were to be silly enough as to carry out Tom Friedman's suggestion to have frequent marches by their citizens up to the border,Egypt too might lose US funding.Their decision to open the Rafah Gates without European monitors will allow Hamas to bring in money, arms and leaders to foment trouble.
The 'Arab Spring' may not really be a move to true democracy,but a desire to get rid of their leaders-but without a direction.We do not know if at the end of the day this will be good for the US-Israel or not.

The suspension of MR ED (Schultz) by MSNBC, points to a real problem in the lack of civil discourse by left wing commentators.
Instead of criticizing Palin for example for her record,or what she stands for,every mention of her is accompanied by a derogatory inference.
I watch Fox frequently,and one does not hear such charachter assasination or snide remarks on L wing political figures.

I am so happy to witness the creation of a new neighborhood Maaleh Hazetim on Mt. Olives in the Ras Alamoud section.It is the area of Ateret Cohanim has developed and is an important part of the protection of Jerusalem.
When I was President of the OU, Motti Dan head of Ateret Cohanim, asked me to go to PM Netanayuahu to push for permits to build.Of course I did just that.On that particular trip, I stood with Motti on the rooftop of a small hotel to scan the sorrounding area and to try to visualize what it's future would be.Last year on our Doctor trip, we visited the area and of course progress was made.While I was in Jerusalem that Friday afternoon with Motti,I was preparing for a shalom zachor of my then newest grandchild Jonah Ganchrow.Motti handed me a large bunch of olives to take back to the hotel.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BIBI WON / Shurat Hadin

I have been unable to log onto my blog site for 36 hours.

It is obvious that Obama miscalculated when he made his suprise attack on Israel.He thought he would trap Bibi and either force some major concession,or arouse the Israeli public so that Bibi's days as PM would be numbered.
He didn't count on nBibi responding in the Oval Office with such clarity and force.Nor did he count on his public charm, debating style,clarity in presenting the issues.Then some mild back-tracking at AIPAC by the Pres.And finally the dessert was such a magnificent address to Congress that had even Obama lovers saying "Bibi won"
Now a bipartisan Congressional resolution will support Netanyahu's position.This is the second time that public pressure on Israel-the first on settlements,backfired.
Today we see that 80% of the Israeli public supports Bibi,and if elections were held today, he would gain seats.
It will be hard for Obama to really press Israel with sucg Congressional support.We should remember that there have been hundrefs of anti-Israel UN resolutions,and this Sept. resolution will not change facts on the ground one iota.
Despite the Congressional support for Israel,and the clear approval of the concept that the "right of return " is off the table,this morning in London Obama once again in answer to a question said it was up to negotiations of the parties.
There is no doubt,despite Bibi "making nice" ,that Obama is basically anti-Israel.Incidentally, he could not get himself to call HAMAS TERRORISTS.Nor can he ask for Assad to leave,and recall our Ambassador.

Shurat Hadin, a legal organization in Israel that fights terrorism in the courts, has warned Lloyd's of London and all insurers that insure maritime ships, that they are playing with terrorists and terrorism if they insure any boats that would be used in the threatened upcoming Gaza flotilla.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Two points
1-applause at AIPAC should not be construed as approval.They were told not to boo.In addition Obama was a guest in their house,as well as being the President,and thus must be treated with respect.

2-Had the President simply said-"return to direct negotiations,and at the end of the day with swaps I believe it will be close to pre-'67 that is one thing-although a highly unlikely and inprobable outcome.
However telling Israel that the starting point was "pre-'67" was a public slap in the face,totally unrealistic and as the PM has pointed out indefensible.It leaves too many Israelis out of Israel.Starting from that point would lead to pointless continued debate over each and every Israeli home outside that "border".It would be a sure recipe for failure.

In the end it is all B---S---,since Hamas and Fatah do not want a Palestinian STATE-they WANT ONE STATE PALESTINE SANS JEWS.

Obama at AIPAC

No question he can deliver a polished speech and with the help of the teleprompter,and great writers can come across as a real friend of Israel.
In truth, the military and intelligence relationship between the U.S. and Israel are in great shape.In addition the added funds for the Iron Dome anti-missle project is of inestimable help in saving future lives.
That he promised diplomatic cover at the UN was the least he could do,especially inview of time after time the race to get a US veto drags out to the last moment,and only after political pressure.
He stated why he raised these issues,namely he believes time is not on the side of Israel.There are those who believe that Emanuel Rahm,Thomas Friedman,Susan Rice and Hillary pressured the President
In truth he asked for no concessions from Abbas-only from Bibi and Israel.
He did not mention the "right of reurn"
He did not mention the status of Jerusalem,even though in another life he and Hillary announced that Jerusalem cannot be divided.
He did mention that Shalit was still a prisoner.
He mentioned Hamas but mainly said the PA will have some explaining to do-he should have said "Abbas break up this agreement with the terrorists"
He talked about a "contiguous "Palestine-How? Where? does he want to divide Israel?
He mentions Israel should withdraw from its borders and have the security guaranteed by Palestinians.What Israeli wwould want their security provided by Arabs?
finally the Europeans getting impatient! Aren't these the same people that sat engrossed in their own issues as 6 million Jews perished?
Jewish survival cannot depend on the Europeans,UN,Obama or the Arab world.
We have learned our lessons-.
Thus it eas a nice speech,but nothing has changed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Prof. Richard Stone / addendum

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking to Prof. Richard Stone an old friend and colleague.He is the Chairman-elect of the Conference of Presidents.
Richard, a Prof. of Law at Columbia was intimately involved in the OU during my Presidency,snd succeeded me as head of IPA (Ins5titute of Public Affairs).Today he heads the Soviet Jewry movement, which still does terrific work in the former Soviet Union.
Of course I wished him well,as he take office at a critical moment in US-ISRAEL relations. The speech yesterday presents a great challenge to Israel.As does the Sept. UN meeting.
Another problem is the makeup of the Presidents Conf. with its 23 organizations.They range from left to right,secular to orthodox and reform to Orthodox.The new head of Reform Jewry is a J Street advocate.
Therefore the goal is to present a united front,avoid splits or even a breakup of the org.
Luckily he, Malcolm Hoenlein,the Executive V.P. as well as the previous Chairmen have proven leadership abilities and will help create a response that the majority will follow.

An addendum to yesterday.When I looked out the rear window of my Netanya apt.,the distance to pre-1967 territory was 8 miles.On one occasion Bibi invited me to walk with him and the Likud Youth to a Netanya rally from with 2-3 miles of the old border.I was huffing and puffing in my shabbos shoes.Today Im believe the border is closer to 50 miles.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


When we had an apartment in Netanya,the front faced the water,and through the back window we bordered on pre-1967 territory.We were at the narrowest point of pre-1967 Israel.
Today Barack HUSSEIN Obama showed his true Muslim feelings.It was a messge to Israel,"I will help you commit suicide".
Absent was any denunciation of the right of return=the end of Israel,or the plight of Jews who fled from mArab countries.
There was no thought given to the fact that if Obama said withdraw to pre-"67 borders,why does the PA have to negotiate?It is all done for them by BHO.
Simply stating the fact that Hamas will not recognize Israel,without stating that the PA must divorce themselves from these murderers is an important omission.
It is all moot,since the Arabs will not recognize Israel as a Jewish State,and Israel cannot divide Jerusalem,accept Arab "refugees, or go back to '67.
More than ever, Jews must abandon the Obama re-election effort.


from the desk of Sheila Ganchrow;

As of 10.30 this AM ( one half hour before the Obama speech) there is no indication that he will recall our Ambassador to Syria.He should never have been sent in the first place.Sanctions should have been placed weeks ago.Finding a mass grave and 1000 dead have not been enough for Obama to call for an end to Assad,or to invoke the "Obama Doctrine" as in Libya to save innocent lives.
The love affair of Obama /State Dept with Assad is hard to comprehend.His defeat/removal would break up the Irainian/Syria/Hezbollah/Hamas axis.
Pledging billions to Egypt if they renounce the relations with Israel, or turn to Iran or the Moslem brotherhood is problematic.

If the Senate GOP can block the left-wing judicial nomination of Professor Goodwin Liu, a reat deal of credit will go to todays WSJ editorial.While they have been against filibustering of judicial nominees, they point out that this is an exceptional case.Any prospective Judge who believes that foreign courts should have a role in our judicial system should be disqualified.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I was rurning the channel when suddenly there was a picture of a man wheeling a wheelchair up a cliff (with a person in the chair) ,come up to the edge and gently tip the chair over, throwing what I now know to be a senior citizen into the ocean.There followed with a line across the screen
"America is beautiful".
This is the latest Democratic attack ad against the Republicans-accusing them of wanting to throw grandma over the cliff with their Medicare proposals,
The ad itself is disgusting and in poor taste.Moreover it signifies that there can be no rational intelligent discussion about a program that I use,but will lead to our banktuptcy in a few years.I don't know if I support Cong Ryan'S plan,even though it will not effect me.But I do know that we expect our leaders to bring up these issues for debate and consideration, without being subject to such a hideous attack.
How do the Dems expect to deal with the Rep. House if they allow their attack dogs to act in such a manner?

The Knesset has in Committee begun the path to declare that the Turkish Govt. committed genocide against the Armenians in 1915.in previous years the PM prevented such a discussion and vote.for fear of offending Turkey.Since Turkey is no longer an ally there is no reason to put off a vote.
As I wrote recently, the Congress of the U.S. should look at this issue, and pass a similar resolution.

Sadly I report the death of one of the founders of our Boynton Beach synagogue Elie Frances,our former Gabbai and Treasurer.The first services were held in his home.Sadly he did not live to see the completion of our new building.
May the family be comfoted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


While the PM's speech yesterday the Knesset had most of the points that Bibi had outlines in his now famous speech at the Herziliya Conference,there was one area that appears to be a retreat.Namely that while "setlement blocs" will be kept,and a military presence maintained on the Jordan River,individual settlemrnts on the Jordan would be evacuated.
If true , it is a step in the wrong direction,as members of his Likud Party have already stated.
The NYT peice by Abbas totally distorts history.He forgets that Israel accepted partition and the Arabs not only rejected it,but attacked Israel and lost.
If as is rumored Obama will call for a return to the '67 borders and a division of Jerusalem etc,the Bibi must stand up and reject his demands.
Bret Stephens in a marvelous WSJ op-ed today sums it up-THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE BETWEEN THE ARABS AND THE JEWS"

I believe it was the Washington Post that pointed out the fact that Strauss-Kahn potential future President of France on the Socialist ticket, was staying in a $3000 a day room at the Sofitel, and flying first class on Air France.
I recall Benny Begin son of Menachem A'H who told me that as a Minister in the cabinet,he flew coach.Once he was waiting at JFK for his luggage and a few members of Knesset saw him ,and commented that they did not know Benny was on the flight.
"Sure' he said," you fly on Govt. expense first or business class.I fly on the peoples money coach'

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bibi---Nakba / The GOP

It was interesting to see the contents of Bibi's speech to the Knesset yesterday.It was in essence the theme that I wrote about yesterday-namely the root cause of the PA-Israel and Arab-Israel conflict is not borders or any issue like that.It is the refusal to accept a Jewish State in the ME.

It is interesting that Obama will address AIPA next week.However remember last year(or 2 years ago), Hillary stood there and stated Jerusalem isa the eternal...........capitol....of Israel.
A few days later she retracted her statements.
So much for consistency !

My own response to the Nakba invasion at the Golan would take a different tack-that would teach Asdsad a lesson.
The problem is, that it might divert attention away fro the Syrian dictator.
I would send IDF jets and bomb the tanks that are sorrounding 1 or 2 of the major Syrian cities-like Homs.The minutes those tanks would be destroyed,the people would start a spontaneous march to Damascus to overthrow Assad.The minute Israeli jets would knock out the first few tanks, the rest would hightail it , and stop the indiscriminate shelling of the people.
The lesson would be-you want to encourage a peoples march-well we will help your people organize one.

The Trump-Huckabee announcement were not suprises.The Gingrich attack on the Republican House and Paul Ryan,show that Newt brilliant as he is, is not fit to be our leader.It is still early and we may see some draft movements-ie--Bush-Christie-Rubio and a few others.
The speculation that Daniels if chosen would pick Condoleeza Rice as a VP-would turn me off

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The Google Blogger site was down for 2 days ,and therefore I could not blog.

Every shabbat morning in Fort Lee , Rabbi Stavsky gives a 15 minute class before services on the Torah portion.Each week, a Korean lady comes to the class is greeted by everyone,Listens with respect, and quietly leaves. I never understood why,until this week when the story came out regarding the Korean people who each have at least one set of Talmud in their homes in Korea.
They have come to the conclusion that the "genius" AND INTELLECT of the Jewish people whereby they win so many prizes in science and technology is because of the study of Talmud,and they wish to emulate our people.
The story together with another story from Detroit, where a majority of high school graduates are "illiterate" brought back to me the studies of Dr William Shockley a Nobel prize winner in phsics who in his later life published highly unpopular and controversial findings on race and intelligence.
His findings led to him being called a racist etc.His thesis was that intelligence was race based and how races reproduced would affect civilization.

As you read of todays rioting for Nakba Day,a simple fact keeps reoccuring.No matter who is interviewed in any Arab coutry-be it man on the street, former diplomat, current office holder ,journalist-one thing remains constant.
That is a demand of the Right of Return-(they say 7 million Arabs)-which meqans the destruction of Israel and the Jewish State.
All the nonsense about fighting over Jerusalem,settlements borders are all a sideshow mto the basic fact that the Arab world has not and will not for the forseeable future accept Israel as a Jewish State.Best Israel proceed to develop all of Judea and Samaria and the hell with Washington-Cairo-Damascus etgc.

The Nakba

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama and the ME


OBAMA WILL TRY TO BEAT BIBI TO THE PUNCH.A speech on the need for peace-where have I heard that before?
What can he say-Hamas has rejected all peace efforts,Syria should be attacked by NATO under the Obama doctrine--1000 dead,10,000 jailed indiscrimate firing on cities-Egypt turning to Hamas and Iran-what is his option?

The PA is in trouble financially-the Arab States are in a bind,and they never cared for the Palestinians.so they will forward even less funds despite promises.
Congress will not allow US money to go to Hamas-whether they can stop that which is the pipeline,I don't know.
Bibi in order to hold his coalition together cannot easily give in on settlement buildings-
I see no chance that any Obama plan can lead to anything serious-unless he forces Abbas back to direct negotiations-unlikel;y

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Our plane ride was perfect on Jet Blue ,however then the aggravation started.
Last Thursday I called AT&T to restart our phone ,internet service in Fl as of yesterday.In good times it is not easy to get through to them.I spent close to 30 minutes going over our plan.They promised we would have service restored as of Mon. (yesterday).
Over the day I spent 2 to 3 hours calling and trying to get the problem solved.Most of the time after waiting for 20 minutes.I was disconnected or when I did speak to a human was transferred to someone who kep apologizing but could not help,because I HAD SOME RED MARK BY MY ACCOUNT.
NO-to the contrary I had a credit due.( This is because every single month practically the bills change, and I have to call-spend time and get credits.THEN WHY THE RED LINE? WAS I ON SOME LAW ENFORCEMENT LIST ? No answer!
Of interest is the fact that when we lived in Monsey,Optimum was our carrier,and they were excellent.In Fort Lee we have Time-Warner-again no problems.
Every few monthe Sheila and I talk about changingour Florida carriers-but we are too lazy-and worry about our number and e-mail address.
Anyway at 3PM, a supervisor told me by 7PM WE WOULD HAVE SERVICE.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Old vs New standards- / Israel Independence Day

While I think Newt is intellectually the most interesting and challenging personality in the Republican race so far,I do not believe he can win.His record of personal misconduct will be hard to overcome.
Howevever,I am from the old school.When you see the Gov. of NY and the Mayor living with non-spousal partners without any backlash you realize that we live in a different age.
When the newspapers in their coverage of Mothers Day feature a girl with "2 MOMMIES" I realize that I come from a different set of values.
And when the society pages report on same sex marriages, who cares?
That would explain why Bill Clinton is popular today -Monica Lewinsky and others notwithstanding.
So we shall see-who has a harder time explaining their past.Gov. Romney for his health bill or Newt?
Incidentally, today it was reported that most Mass. doctors will not accept new patients, bexause of the health bill.
Tomorrow we go to Florida until mid-June. I look forward to seeing our new synagogue in Boynton Beach that hopefully will be ready for occupancy by the end of the year.

Jews have much to be thankful for, as we celebrate Israel Independence Day.No the threats are not diminished in any shape or form.Howevever the spirit of the people is high, and the economy in the land including low unemployment makes for great stability.The IDF is as strong as ever before,and despite the sorrounding enemies,the almighty has blessed Israel with a great future and potential.
The WSJ had an op-ed today by Seth Lipsky on the upcoming US Supreme Court case regarding a child born in Jerusalem,who desires his American passport designate the country of birth as ISRAEL. An old friend Nat Lewin is representing the child.
He has represented many Orthodox institutions in cases where towns and neighbors objected to either their presence or their ability to construct an eruv.
I certainly hope he has as much success in this case as he has had in the past.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Prime Ministers / LIBYA


I am just about finished reading the wonderful book The Prime Ministers by Yehuda Avner.Anyone who loves Israel, or even has an interest in the history of the Statemust read this well written and exciting volume.
Avner was an aide to 4 Prime Ministers,and was present at every high level meeting both within the government and between Prime Ministers and Presidents of the US.
For me it was a refresher course on the myriad of issues I was involved in during my years at AIPAC, HUVPAC and the OU.
One interesting tidbit which I had personalo experience with, was the fact that President Reagan read from cue or index cards when meeting with heads of State.When I was called in to see him regarding the F-15 sale ,with about 12 of us around the table,he read from those cards.This was unlike Bush I and II,as well as Clinton, who knew the issues without the need for aides(which sat on Reagans side ) or cards(during my meetings with them).
There is to me an overiding theme.Despite the mouthing of the words "a strategic ally" or similar praise,there was always an undertone or even an open paranoia by members of the State Dept. or WH, that felt that this little country, was getting in the way of a broader American foreign policy with the 23 Arab countries.
It is no different today, except that Obama has less feeling for Israel than say Reagan .
The bottom line as Begin said,"Arabs kill Arabs , and they blame the Jews"
Of all the Prime Ministers discussed,my feelings for Menachem Begin are in a class by themselves . His pride in his "JEWISHNESS" as manifest by his actions statements and observances speak for themselves.The chapter when he forces EL AL to stop flying on shabbat, despite fierce attacks by the unions and the left in knesset can only bring tears to the eyes of a committed Jew.

The Conflict in Libya remains in a state of flux.2000 Tribal Chiefs came to Tripoli and pledged support for Khadaffi. The rebel town of Misrate had their fuel storage tanks blown up.So far the Obama plan--IS NO PLAN

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Israel Dov Ganchrow / victory lap

Today was the bris of our newest grandchild Israel Dov Ganchrow.He is named for the late father of Sam Rausman who is Brina's (my daughter-in-law) father.Coming after 3 girls it is an extra joyous occasion.His parents are Elli and Brina Ganchrow of N woodmere.
I was given the honor of serving as sandek ( holding the baby during the bris). Of course this has great meaning for me at such an emotional but yet spirtual time.

I believe Pres. Bush made a wise decision not to join Obama for a " victory lap" at the WTC today. We are in a highly energized political campaign to portray Obama as tough on security. With his stand on Guantanamo, and harsh questioning as well as the impending investigation into CIA people re; harsh treament as outlined in this mornings WSJ, I am one of the doubters.

Drudge reports that Debra Burlingame the sister of the pilot of the crashed 9/11 plane into the Pentagon confronted the Pres. today re: the Holder investigation of those who questioned KSM asking him to tell A-G Holder to stop the investigation.Obama refused and turned his back on her.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Huntsman-Carter /Israel /WSJ / the outrage

I don't know anything about Gov. Huntsman other than he was Ambassador to China.However now that Jimmy Carter has praised him, he (Huntsman) gets a demerit!
Carter by the way praised the Hamas -PLO "unity" agreement.

I might have spoken too soon regarding Israel rescinding its holding of the PA taxes.I saw it in some blog,but this morning Abbas threatened that if this continues they will move to statehood before Sept.So I do not know the actual status.

The WSJ had a large editorial on the Canadian election results, in the same vein as my note yesterday.

The outrage of th week-Liberal radio host Mike Malloy is reported to have said"when will seal unit 6 ...drop in on George Buah..who is responsible for more innocent deaths than UBL"

We have not heard the last of the raid--
was there a gunfight?
was UBL armed? did he resist? was he shot after his surrender?
was waterboarding responsible for the successful leads?..and so on.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The poll numbers / Israel relents / Victory for Harper /Targeted Assasinations

Yes of course there is and will be an upswing in Obama's poll numbers for a while.
However,with the election 18 months away,the issues will be jobs,the economy inflation and gas prices.
As someone commented this was not a foreign policy decision that reflected upon him.In fact as the WSJ headline today indicates it was a "roll of the dice" that worked out well.If he gets Khadaffi,then it might have more sustaining qualities.
The blogs are commenting,correctly,that the GOP potential candidates have no foreign policy history-except for Huntsman.

Sadly Israel quickly gsve in on withoding the PA tax money.Tomorrow they sign this deal.Hamas has attacked the Obama attack on ubl,while the PA has supported it.
We shall se how long the unity lasts.
What a great victory for PM Harper and the Conservatives in Canada.Their goal of decreased taxes and capitalism hopefully will send a signal to our electorate.

One point made over and over again with great significance for Israel-Targeted Killings in the name of wiping out Terrorism has been endorsed by Obama.
Will the Pres. publicly admit that waterboarding was the real weapon that helped break the riddle of where is UBL?

Monday, May 02, 2011

OBL gets his desserts

Of course it is a great day for the US,and for Pres. Obama.One cannot say enough in praise for the men who planned und undertook this mission.
None of this changes the Obama thesis that avoids placing the blame on Islamic fundamentalism as the uniting factor in world-wide terrorism.He and his team talk of criminal activities,and fail to identify the terrorists as such.
No wonder that Hamas condemned the raid and the killing.
It is interesting that the recent Pew poll showed OBL's popularity really ecreasing in the muslim world.For example in Lebanon he had only a 1% favoribility rate.Only among the Palestinians was he admired by 28% while 68% support Al- Quada.

I believe the decision to bury him at sea was wise.This in effect prevented making his burial site a holy site.
I hope someone wrapped him in pigskin-a worthy send-off.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The President's speech / Hamas and the PA / Dr. Richard Stone

President Obama has great comedy and speech writers and therefore it is not suprising that he was in good form at the White House dinner.Too bad he doesn't have similar caliber advice on how to run our country.
The unemployment rate,inflation, rising gas prices and the general mood of the country,in addition to a foreign policy that speaks to our loss of leadership brings a sense of sadness to those who love our country.

The announcement that Israel will not forward tax revenues to the PA is a step in the right direction.The next step is for the US to place a hold on all aid to them since it will be going to Hamas.Money is fungible,and Hamas is still a terror group.
The added announcement that Egypt will develop relationships with Iran shows the effects of the Obama policy that quickly dumped Mubarek without thinking through the next step.
Now we have Libya in limbo.and despite massive attacks against civilians the State Dept.,makes believe it is not Assad who is guilty but his underlings.It is true we have no idea how a post-Assad Syria would look like,it could not be worse than the Iran-Hamas-Hezbollah-Syria axis.One of the reasons given for the agreement between Hamas and the PA is the fact that that Hamas may not have a home in a future post-Assad Damascus.

Congratulations to my old friend and colleague Dr. Richard Stone who was elected to be the next Chairman of the President's Conference.A Professor at Columbia Law School,he heads the Soviet Jewry Organiztion.During my tenure at the OU, I appointed him to head the IPA.