Monday, May 09, 2011

Old vs New standards- / Israel Independence Day

While I think Newt is intellectually the most interesting and challenging personality in the Republican race so far,I do not believe he can win.His record of personal misconduct will be hard to overcome.
Howevever,I am from the old school.When you see the Gov. of NY and the Mayor living with non-spousal partners without any backlash you realize that we live in a different age.
When the newspapers in their coverage of Mothers Day feature a girl with "2 MOMMIES" I realize that I come from a different set of values.
And when the society pages report on same sex marriages, who cares?
That would explain why Bill Clinton is popular today -Monica Lewinsky and others notwithstanding.
So we shall see-who has a harder time explaining their past.Gov. Romney for his health bill or Newt?
Incidentally, today it was reported that most Mass. doctors will not accept new patients, bexause of the health bill.
Tomorrow we go to Florida until mid-June. I look forward to seeing our new synagogue in Boynton Beach that hopefully will be ready for occupancy by the end of the year.

Jews have much to be thankful for, as we celebrate Israel Independence Day.No the threats are not diminished in any shape or form.Howevever the spirit of the people is high, and the economy in the land including low unemployment makes for great stability.The IDF is as strong as ever before,and despite the sorrounding enemies,the almighty has blessed Israel with a great future and potential.
The WSJ had an op-ed today by Seth Lipsky on the upcoming US Supreme Court case regarding a child born in Jerusalem,who desires his American passport designate the country of birth as ISRAEL. An old friend Nat Lewin is representing the child.
He has represented many Orthodox institutions in cases where towns and neighbors objected to either their presence or their ability to construct an eruv.
I certainly hope he has as much success in this case as he has had in the past.