Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BIBI WON / Shurat Hadin

I have been unable to log onto my blog site for 36 hours.

It is obvious that Obama miscalculated when he made his suprise attack on Israel.He thought he would trap Bibi and either force some major concession,or arouse the Israeli public so that Bibi's days as PM would be numbered.
He didn't count on nBibi responding in the Oval Office with such clarity and force.Nor did he count on his public charm, debating style,clarity in presenting the issues.Then some mild back-tracking at AIPAC by the Pres.And finally the dessert was such a magnificent address to Congress that had even Obama lovers saying "Bibi won"
Now a bipartisan Congressional resolution will support Netanyahu's position.This is the second time that public pressure on Israel-the first on settlements,backfired.
Today we see that 80% of the Israeli public supports Bibi,and if elections were held today, he would gain seats.
It will be hard for Obama to really press Israel with sucg Congressional support.We should remember that there have been hundrefs of anti-Israel UN resolutions,and this Sept. resolution will not change facts on the ground one iota.
Despite the Congressional support for Israel,and the clear approval of the concept that the "right of return " is off the table,this morning in London Obama once again in answer to a question said it was up to negotiations of the parties.
There is no doubt,despite Bibi "making nice" ,that Obama is basically anti-Israel.Incidentally, he could not get himself to call HAMAS TERRORISTS.Nor can he ask for Assad to leave,and recall our Ambassador.

Shurat Hadin, a legal organization in Israel that fights terrorism in the courts, has warned Lloyd's of London and all insurers that insure maritime ships, that they are playing with terrorists and terrorism if they insure any boats that would be used in the threatened upcoming Gaza flotilla.