Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Millenium Scare / MR ED / MAALEH HAZETIM

Somehow the world did not end this past weekend-SUPRISE!
As 1999 approached its conclusion we had 2 fears-massive terrorist attacks,and the computers of the world would cease to function and chaos would ensue.
Businesses and individuals spent millions or billions on consultants, new computers and systems.Somehow the experts were wrong.
Now we are being told that our best friend Pre. Obama (second only to Thomas Friedman) is really worried about the doomsday in Sept. when the General Assembly will vote for a Palestinian State,and Israel will be isolated,
The day after, the world will realize,that not only has nothing changed,as this would be the latest in a long series of anti-Israel UN votes,but in fact will probably lead to new conflict,BUT ISRAEL WILL REMAIN STRONG AND VIBRANT.If a conflict G-d forbid occurs,Israel will come out stronger than ever,because Hamas and Hezbollah will have been decimated.Nobody hopes for such an eventuality for each Jewish life is sacred.
However the battle over the land involves more than simple geography or geo-political issues.It is a theological battle for the land given our forefathers Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.No Obama or UN can ever change our destiny.
Oslo -whatever remains of it will have been declared null and void.Israel will take whatever steps it has to to incorporate settlements into Israel proper.Israel will withold tax money on a permanent basis.
What will happen to security cooperation is hard to predict, as the PA is playing with fire if they invite the Hamas leadership and thugs into the West Bank.
There is a good chance America via Congressional directive will cut off funding to the PA.If Egypt were to be silly enough as to carry out Tom Friedman's suggestion to have frequent marches by their citizens up to the border,Egypt too might lose US funding.Their decision to open the Rafah Gates without European monitors will allow Hamas to bring in money, arms and leaders to foment trouble.
The 'Arab Spring' may not really be a move to true democracy,but a desire to get rid of their leaders-but without a direction.We do not know if at the end of the day this will be good for the US-Israel or not.

The suspension of MR ED (Schultz) by MSNBC, points to a real problem in the lack of civil discourse by left wing commentators.
Instead of criticizing Palin for example for her record,or what she stands for,every mention of her is accompanied by a derogatory inference.
I watch Fox frequently,and one does not hear such charachter assasination or snide remarks on L wing political figures.

I am so happy to witness the creation of a new neighborhood Maaleh Hazetim on Mt. Olives in the Ras Alamoud section.It is the area of Ateret Cohanim has developed and is an important part of the protection of Jerusalem.
When I was President of the OU, Motti Dan head of Ateret Cohanim, asked me to go to PM Netanayuahu to push for permits to build.Of course I did just that.On that particular trip, I stood with Motti on the rooftop of a small hotel to scan the sorrounding area and to try to visualize what it's future would be.Last year on our Doctor trip, we visited the area and of course progress was made.While I was in Jerusalem that Friday afternoon with Motti,I was preparing for a shalom zachor of my then newest grandchild Jonah Ganchrow.Motti handed me a large bunch of olives to take back to the hotel.