Sunday, May 15, 2011


The Google Blogger site was down for 2 days ,and therefore I could not blog.

Every shabbat morning in Fort Lee , Rabbi Stavsky gives a 15 minute class before services on the Torah portion.Each week, a Korean lady comes to the class is greeted by everyone,Listens with respect, and quietly leaves. I never understood why,until this week when the story came out regarding the Korean people who each have at least one set of Talmud in their homes in Korea.
They have come to the conclusion that the "genius" AND INTELLECT of the Jewish people whereby they win so many prizes in science and technology is because of the study of Talmud,and they wish to emulate our people.
The story together with another story from Detroit, where a majority of high school graduates are "illiterate" brought back to me the studies of Dr William Shockley a Nobel prize winner in phsics who in his later life published highly unpopular and controversial findings on race and intelligence.
His findings led to him being called a racist etc.His thesis was that intelligence was race based and how races reproduced would affect civilization.

As you read of todays rioting for Nakba Day,a simple fact keeps reoccuring.No matter who is interviewed in any Arab coutry-be it man on the street, former diplomat, current office holder ,journalist-one thing remains constant.
That is a demand of the Right of Return-(they say 7 million Arabs)-which meqans the destruction of Israel and the Jewish State.
All the nonsense about fighting over Jerusalem,settlements borders are all a sideshow mto the basic fact that the Arab world has not and will not for the forseeable future accept Israel as a Jewish State.Best Israel proceed to develop all of Judea and Samaria and the hell with Washington-Cairo-Damascus etgc.

The Nakba