Tuesday, May 17, 2011


While the PM's speech yesterday the Knesset had most of the points that Bibi had outlines in his now famous speech at the Herziliya Conference,there was one area that appears to be a retreat.Namely that while "setlement blocs" will be kept,and a military presence maintained on the Jordan River,individual settlemrnts on the Jordan would be evacuated.
If true , it is a step in the wrong direction,as members of his Likud Party have already stated.
The NYT peice by Abbas totally distorts history.He forgets that Israel accepted partition and the Arabs not only rejected it,but attacked Israel and lost.
If as is rumored Obama will call for a return to the '67 borders and a division of Jerusalem etc,the Bibi must stand up and reject his demands.
Bret Stephens in a marvelous WSJ op-ed today sums it up-THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE BETWEEN THE ARABS AND THE JEWS"

I believe it was the Washington Post that pointed out the fact that Strauss-Kahn potential future President of France on the Socialist ticket, was staying in a $3000 a day room at the Sofitel, and flying first class on Air France.
I recall Benny Begin son of Menachem A'H who told me that as a Minister in the cabinet,he flew coach.Once he was waiting at JFK for his luggage and a few members of Knesset saw him ,and commented that they did not know Benny was on the flight.
"Sure' he said," you fly on Govt. expense first or business class.I fly on the peoples money coach'