Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Huntsman-Carter /Israel /WSJ / the outrage

I don't know anything about Gov. Huntsman other than he was Ambassador to China.However now that Jimmy Carter has praised him, he (Huntsman) gets a demerit!
Carter by the way praised the Hamas -PLO "unity" agreement.

I might have spoken too soon regarding Israel rescinding its holding of the PA taxes.I saw it in some blog,but this morning Abbas threatened that if this continues they will move to statehood before Sept.So I do not know the actual status.

The WSJ had a large editorial on the Canadian election results, in the same vein as my note yesterday.

The outrage of th week-Liberal radio host Mike Malloy is reported to have said"when will seal unit 6 ...drop in on George Buah..who is responsible for more innocent deaths than UBL"

We have not heard the last of the raid--
was there a gunfight?
was UBL armed? did he resist? was he shot after his surrender?
was waterboarding responsible for the successful leads?..and so on.