Sunday, May 01, 2011

The President's speech / Hamas and the PA / Dr. Richard Stone

President Obama has great comedy and speech writers and therefore it is not suprising that he was in good form at the White House dinner.Too bad he doesn't have similar caliber advice on how to run our country.
The unemployment rate,inflation, rising gas prices and the general mood of the country,in addition to a foreign policy that speaks to our loss of leadership brings a sense of sadness to those who love our country.

The announcement that Israel will not forward tax revenues to the PA is a step in the right direction.The next step is for the US to place a hold on all aid to them since it will be going to Hamas.Money is fungible,and Hamas is still a terror group.
The added announcement that Egypt will develop relationships with Iran shows the effects of the Obama policy that quickly dumped Mubarek without thinking through the next step.
Now we have Libya in limbo.and despite massive attacks against civilians the State Dept.,makes believe it is not Assad who is guilty but his underlings.It is true we have no idea how a post-Assad Syria would look like,it could not be worse than the Iran-Hamas-Hezbollah-Syria axis.One of the reasons given for the agreement between Hamas and the PA is the fact that that Hamas may not have a home in a future post-Assad Damascus.

Congratulations to my old friend and colleague Dr. Richard Stone who was elected to be the next Chairman of the President's Conference.A Professor at Columbia Law School,he heads the Soviet Jewry Organiztion.During my tenure at the OU, I appointed him to head the IPA.