Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The poll numbers / Israel relents / Victory for Harper /Targeted Assasinations

Yes of course there is and will be an upswing in Obama's poll numbers for a while.
However,with the election 18 months away,the issues will be jobs,the economy inflation and gas prices.
As someone commented this was not a foreign policy decision that reflected upon him.In fact as the WSJ headline today indicates it was a "roll of the dice" that worked out well.If he gets Khadaffi,then it might have more sustaining qualities.
The blogs are commenting,correctly,that the GOP potential candidates have no foreign policy history-except for Huntsman.

Sadly Israel quickly gsve in on withoding the PA tax money.Tomorrow they sign this deal.Hamas has attacked the Obama attack on ubl,while the PA has supported it.
We shall se how long the unity lasts.
What a great victory for PM Harper and the Conservatives in Canada.Their goal of decreased taxes and capitalism hopefully will send a signal to our electorate.

One point made over and over again with great significance for Israel-Targeted Killings in the name of wiping out Terrorism has been endorsed by Obama.
Will the Pres. publicly admit that waterboarding was the real weapon that helped break the riddle of where is UBL?