Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Prime Ministers / LIBYA


I am just about finished reading the wonderful book The Prime Ministers by Yehuda Avner.Anyone who loves Israel, or even has an interest in the history of the Statemust read this well written and exciting volume.
Avner was an aide to 4 Prime Ministers,and was present at every high level meeting both within the government and between Prime Ministers and Presidents of the US.
For me it was a refresher course on the myriad of issues I was involved in during my years at AIPAC, HUVPAC and the OU.
One interesting tidbit which I had personalo experience with, was the fact that President Reagan read from cue or index cards when meeting with heads of State.When I was called in to see him regarding the F-15 sale ,with about 12 of us around the table,he read from those cards.This was unlike Bush I and II,as well as Clinton, who knew the issues without the need for aides(which sat on Reagans side ) or cards(during my meetings with them).
There is to me an overiding theme.Despite the mouthing of the words "a strategic ally" or similar praise,there was always an undertone or even an open paranoia by members of the State Dept. or WH, that felt that this little country, was getting in the way of a broader American foreign policy with the 23 Arab countries.
It is no different today, except that Obama has less feeling for Israel than say Reagan .
The bottom line as Begin said,"Arabs kill Arabs , and they blame the Jews"
Of all the Prime Ministers discussed,my feelings for Menachem Begin are in a class by themselves . His pride in his "JEWISHNESS" as manifest by his actions statements and observances speak for themselves.The chapter when he forces EL AL to stop flying on shabbat, despite fierce attacks by the unions and the left in knesset can only bring tears to the eyes of a committed Jew.

The Conflict in Libya remains in a state of flux.2000 Tribal Chiefs came to Tripoli and pledged support for Khadaffi. The rebel town of Misrate had their fuel storage tanks blown up.So far the Obama plan--IS NO PLAN