Monday, May 02, 2011

OBL gets his desserts

Of course it is a great day for the US,and for Pres. Obama.One cannot say enough in praise for the men who planned und undertook this mission.
None of this changes the Obama thesis that avoids placing the blame on Islamic fundamentalism as the uniting factor in world-wide terrorism.He and his team talk of criminal activities,and fail to identify the terrorists as such.
No wonder that Hamas condemned the raid and the killing.
It is interesting that the recent Pew poll showed OBL's popularity really ecreasing in the muslim world.For example in Lebanon he had only a 1% favoribility rate.Only among the Palestinians was he admired by 28% while 68% support Al- Quada.

I believe the decision to bury him at sea was wise.This in effect prevented making his burial site a holy site.
I hope someone wrapped him in pigskin-a worthy send-off.