Thursday, May 05, 2011

Israel Dov Ganchrow / victory lap

Today was the bris of our newest grandchild Israel Dov Ganchrow.He is named for the late father of Sam Rausman who is Brina's (my daughter-in-law) father.Coming after 3 girls it is an extra joyous occasion.His parents are Elli and Brina Ganchrow of N woodmere.
I was given the honor of serving as sandek ( holding the baby during the bris). Of course this has great meaning for me at such an emotional but yet spirtual time.

I believe Pres. Bush made a wise decision not to join Obama for a " victory lap" at the WTC today. We are in a highly energized political campaign to portray Obama as tough on security. With his stand on Guantanamo, and harsh questioning as well as the impending investigation into CIA people re; harsh treament as outlined in this mornings WSJ, I am one of the doubters.

Drudge reports that Debra Burlingame the sister of the pilot of the crashed 9/11 plane into the Pentagon confronted the Pres. today re: the Holder investigation of those who questioned KSM asking him to tell A-G Holder to stop the investigation.Obama refused and turned his back on her.