Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kollek the informer /Spitzer sings his own praise / The Saudis -a new dynamics

It is sad to read tonite that the late Mayor Teddy Kollek was a British spy-or informer.While sitting on the Jewish Agency, he informed on the Irgun,and was involved in an unsuccessful attempt to arrest Menachem Begin (obm-of blessed memory).There is really nothing to say.


I really know nothing of Gov Spitzers proposed budget cuts to nursing homes in NY.I do know his tv commercials ,paid for by " Spitzer-2010" are annoying.To have a bunch of kids singing Hallelukah sort of indicates that Spitzer thinks he angelic in his wisdom.
The opposing ads by the Unions,are compassionate and warm.You certainly can identify with the grandmother ,who tells the Gov-"remember my face-when you cut funding".
Whatever the merits-please stop the singing,and get a better fitting robe for that little girl at the end of the commercial.


We are witnessing a sea change in the Middle East.The Saudis, always perceptive in their analysis of Capitol Hill and Pennsylvania Ave politics have come to a major conclusion.
They look at Bush, and the Congress and they see a weakened President. The Democrats have no stomach for national security.The American public cannot tolerate a war without a quick victory-Panama etc.
Moreover American troops will be leaving Iraq- whether totally , or with a rearguard but leave we will.only the date is to be determined.
The Saudis have a real problem because they see the growing Iranian power,that is unchecked by a weak West. They see rising Islamic fundamentalism in Europe.
They see Bahrain only a bridge away from the kingdom with a population 80% Shiite.
They look at Hizbollah almost fully rearmed by Iran and a threat to Israel.Similarly, Hamas has moved to the next stage of military preparedness, with bunkers a-la Lebanon, and fresh Iranian training. They want to be on the winning team.
Despite the close relationship with the Bush family, the King realizes that there are no permanent allies in the world,only permanent interests.Bush is a lame-duck.
After the warm visit with the Iranian President, the king has decided to get closer to Iran,Hamas and Hizbollah.Thus, as reported in yesterday's Wash. Post,King Abdullah cancelled his White House dinner in April, and the Jordanian monarch his dinner next year.
The king has to worry about Al-QUEDA Sunni from within, as well as Shiite neighbors.The Saudi PEACE PLAN ,which essentially is an ultimatum,and a bone to Sec.Rice.
She appears to be running back and forth in circles with little of substance to show.Indeed Shalit is still not freed,and today terror groups have vowed to contue their terror campaign.Olmert is still on thin political ice, and the vultures are circling.
The only bright spot,is the pledge by the new Chief of Staff,to wipe out the smuggling of weapons into Gaza.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

George Soros-is at it again

In the April 12, 2007(dated March 15)of the NY Review of Books,George Soros writes a seven page article entitled "On Israel,America and AIPAC".
The article has three main thrusts.
1-The Bush Administration is at fault for not recognizing the Hamas-Fatah unity agreement.In addition, the Saudi peace plan offers hope for real peace.
2-An attack on the pervasive influence of AIPAC ,for supporting the Sharon-Olmert rejection of Hamas,and "Israel's heavy handed response to Hizbollah last summer".
3-An attack on Alvin Rosenfeld's American Jewish Committee's pamphlet on "The New Antisemitism.".Such an expose claims Soros ,stifles legitimate criticism of Israel.

To refute the entire article,would take a major undertaking.Next week during Passover at the Granet, one of my topics will be on the newest type of antisemitism as described by Rosenfeld.
One year ago, when the Mersheimer attack on AIPAC and the Israel lobby came out, I wrote on that as well.In addition I have a full chapter on AIPAC in my autobiography.
I would like to limit my remarks now to the Saudi plan.
Soros writes, " I am not a Zionist,nor am I a practicing Jew,but I have a great deal of sympathy for my fellow Jews and a deep concern for the survival of Israel."
Let us see how that works out!
George Soros is a very wealthy man and a successful businessman.I am sure that each deal he considers he examines the pros and cons,clearly and objectively.
Firstly in his presentation he never mentions the right of return,which is a key element of the Saudi plan.Rather ,he blames Olmert for lack of progress because Israel will not recognize the unity government.
In fact,Olmert to the shock of many has publicly stated an interest in the Saudi plan ,if the "Right of Return " was removed.The United State has agreed with this demand.
It would have been nice for Mr Soros to analyze for his readers, why no Israeli official,or government (right or left) could be a party to this move."RIGHT OF RETURN is a codeword for the destruction of Israel as a democracy and a Jewish State.It means every single so called refugee (perhaps a million plus) could return to Israel,and to their "old homes" with compensation,become citizens and vote for an Islamic Republic.
There is no mention of the one million Jewish refugees from Arab land who fled to Israel,and were integrated within Israeli society,and deserve compensation.They came to Israel, leaving their possessions in their Arab countries.
On June 24 2004, President Bush clearly stated, that Arab returnees could go to a Palestinian State,that would be created.He was clear,that they cannot return to Israel.That in fact is the purpose of a Palestinian State- to accept Palestinians.
If Mr Soros is such a friend of Israel,why would he want to make the first election with a million new muslim voters,the very last in modern Israel's history?
The Saudis are quite perceptive and know full well the implications of their plan.Thus their refusal to modify it merely highlites the political theater of it all.
Israel,as a member State of the UN ,should not be forced to negotiate with a terrorist entity that makes sly implicit statements regarding "respect" for agreements.Hamas knows the drill.-stop terrorism-recognize Israel-recognize and carry out previous agreements-stop the incitement against Israel-carry out step one of the roadmap,an end to rockets,weapon smuggling.suicide bombers,weapon production and so on.
One final thought in Mr Soros' own words."I do believe that the attitudes toward Israel ,are influenced by Israel's policies,and attitudes toward the Jewish Community are influenced by the pro-Israel lobby's success in suppressing divergent views."
If one examines the publicity of Soros,Finkelstein,the N Y Times ,Judt,Chomsky and Richard Cohen of the Wahington Post as they attack Israel one wonders where is the suppression he is talking about?
Is the pro-Israel lobby and lovers of Zion required to play dead so Mr. Soros et al have a clear field to undermine Israel?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Political Theater-Pelosi -Style/Rosie-intelligence analyst/ The heroism of the Edwards

The closeness of todays House vote indicates that without the millions upon millions of PORK used to bribe or entice votes,Oelosi could not have pulled off this political theater.
The President was clear and definitive regarding any possible weakening of his position.
Taken together with the subpeonas for Rove ,etc, the Democrats may be making their base happy.However, they may overplay their hand-too much hype and not enough positive legislation.
MY QUESTION TO MYSELF-WHAT IS GOING THROUGH JOE LIEBERMAN'S MIND, as he sees this attempt to destroy the President during wartime?
What would it take for him to switch parties,resulting in a Republican majority?

Why did not one Democratic legislator,such as Sen Carl Levin publicly rebuke the attack by Rosie on the confession of the 9/11 plotter, and Daniel Pearl's killer?She stated categorically that confession was the result of torture,and should not be believed. The Democratic members of the Intelligence Committee know full well, the Al Quida and Hizbollah threat to the US.They have been privy to much of that which was releasd by the military,including the methods used to obtain material from prisoners.
How can they sit there when that ignorant know-it-all,undermines the efforts to protect America and fight terrorism?The American people must be educated to the terrorist reality.
The audience of the View. deserve better-America deserves better.The battle to fight terrorism must be above politics.


All America wishes Sen Edward and his wife, a complete recovery.Their personal decision to continue the campaign will act as a positive motivater for tens of thousands of cancer another chronic and incurable disease sufferers, who wish to make each and every day meaningful to themselves, their families and the community.
The mental attitude of such patients surely in my expereience has a positive effect on their immune systems ,and their ability to cope.
They want not pity, but the warmth that one human can give to another in such circunstances.
One last point as a physician who dealt extensively with cancer.I was often suprised to observe the longevity and positive quality of life of may patients,who in my mind I never believed could last more than a few weeks or months.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dirty pool /Hamas reacts

The new political internet ad against Hillary is beyond reasonable taste.Obama, instead of dancing around,should have condemned the ad which shows a bunch of political zombies being brainwashed by Hillary on a giant screen.An amazon -like woman , throws a ball at the screen, which explodes.This is followed by some wording to support Obama.
It really is too early for negative campaigning.


A number of months ago I predicted that after a PA-Hamas unity govt was formed, Abbas would choose Dahlen to a high post, and immediately would be attacked by Hamas for doing so.This appointment yesterday, and the Hamas reaction taken together with some residual fighting between the 2 groups and the continued boycott of the new govt by the big four ,portends a poor outcome for the unity govt.
Dahlen,the Gaza PA security Chief is a long time Hamas foe.


The President has himself to blame to a great extent, in the current series of attacks by the Dems on the Attorney General. He should have confronted them,and said "enough is enough" in view of the law and the Clinton record.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Family Values ? ANYONE Speak INDIAN?

Of course there was sexual misconduct,and immorality present-for we are all humans.No one running for office would arrange to announce that they were guilty of adultery a year before an election,in order to defuse the issue during the campaign.
However,today we are witnessing Democratic candidates for President falling over themselves to proclaim that homosexual behavior is not immoral.
Sadly, the world including religious leaders are silent.It appears that Mr and Mrs Joe Public are no longer moved by such statements.
In the Conservative/Reform movement, gay students are ordained-The hell with the Torah-it was time for a change anyway!
What is amazing to me, is that Liberal America,and its Liberal media, portray the religious community as fossils of another generation-"Family Values" equals hate and bigoted language.
The family oriented communities of America should take back the public schools and even the colleges we send our Kids to in order to preserve a sense of morality.
Alternate Lifestyles is a misnomer for anti-Family Value oriented behavior .I care not what you do in the privacy of your home.I do care when you proclaim that homosexual partnerships are no different from marriage,and you should be allowed to adopt chi;ldren to be brought up in such an atmosphere.
Above all, I object when politicians looking for the vote in the primaries espouse such anti-traditional opinions.


I spent about 4-5 hours this past week speaking to India-No I don't know anyone there, however Hewlett Packard does.
I don't mind out-sourcing ,if the technician speaks a clear English.Alas,the frutration level kept rising with each re-routing.My cries to speak to an American technician only wound uo on deaf ears.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

MIGRATION IS FOR BIRDS/ the US Attorney firings

I could not believe my ears today when I watched the Bush-Calderon press conference in Mexico.
The entire concept of secure borders was made meaningless.The belief that one who violates the laws of our country is a criminal is outmoded.
The President discussed the MIGRATION PROBLEM ,not illegal immigration!
Migration,is relevant to the movement of birds who have free passage from country to country,as the seasons change.
Mexicans have no inherent right to come here and enter our country at will,have babies who become citizens,place economic hardships on schools,hospitals and welfare systems.
I know that many illegal immigrants work hard,pay taxes and are law-abiding.I also realize that so many industries such as farm and factory workers, lawn service,costruction etc., would come to a standstill without these workers.Similarly restaurants depend opon these unskilled workers.
Yet, no citizen class or citizen-wanna-be class is above the law.12 million of these illegals are in our country,and the Pres. of Mexico has the chutzpah to lecture us on the evils of a fence, or the illegal drug problem in this country.
We have no moral obligation to support the economy of Mexico, by allowing free MIGRATION of their unwanted ,and have them send back to their families their paychecks.
First we must secure our borders-not only because that is our national right,but beause if 12 million can get in in so easily,so can 120 terrorists trained in Venezuala and so on.
Subsequently ,we should try to register all illegals,and in an orderly fashion create a system of work permits for those whose skills are needed, reverse MIGRATION for those undesirable,and a program to allow many of them in time to gain citizenship,if they learn English,have a clean record and so on.For the time being,we have to close the borders,prosecute companies who in a wholesale manner allow workers without documents or forged focuments to work.
Above all the US should not be frightened by Mexico,who should concentrate on cleaning up their own corruption and economic house.


The tumult over the fired US Attorneys, is really the kettle calling the teapot black-or something like that.
Did Gonzales handle it well-No
Did he do something illegal -NO

Clinton fired every single US ATTORNEY WHEN HE TOOK OFFICE, and as the WSJ ponted out in its editorial,this helped disrupt some vital investigations.
The fact is that they all serve at the pleasure of the President.In addition, the Attorney General and the President ,have the right to set policy on the role and tenor of the Justice Dept., provided there is no violation of law.That clearly is the case here.
The announcement of Sen.Sunnunu that he favors firing the Atty General, is not too strange.He is a maverick,who gave the Administration a hard time on the Patriot Act, and has been against Gonzales from Day one. He also faces a tough re-election battle in a state where a few Republican incumbents went down to defeat last year.

Sunday, March 11, 2007



There was a blurb across the bottom of one cable channel news show on Thurs stating that Obama had 17 unpaid parking tickets while a student at Harvard.These were paid for two weeks before he declared his intention to run for Pres.I TRIED TO LOOK ELSEWHERE,BUT COULD NOT FIND SUCH A REFERENCE.
How does this background of a Daley-machine politico with an uninspring legislative history prepare him for the Presidency-including being the leader of the free world and Commander-in-Chief?
Nicholas Kristof in his column last Wed. states, that Obama is a "Man of the World" who has "lived it "(foreign policy).
You be the judge.(based on his article)
1-he was an anti-poverty organizer in Chicago
2-he "actually lived abroad"as a child in Jakarta
3-he remembers the opening lines of an Arabic call to prayer
4-he visited Africa last year,where he warmly greeted the President

Oh yes! he remembers the call to prayer as "one of the prettiest sounds on earth".

G-d help us if we elect a President with such naive credentials.

Aside from some political remarks made lately,can anyone come up with any real Obama exposure to the foreign policy issues we face in Asia,S. America ,the Middle East, and of course in Europe with our so-called allies (France) and former adversaries (Russia).
It will be interesting as the campaigh develops,and the debates ensues, to see the contrasts with Hillary and Richardson.


Hasn't, political correctness gone way overboard when they want to outlaw BOOING at campus games?

Is there no shame when Sen Edwards and the the Nevada Democratic Party withdraw from a debate sponsored by Fox News? `would love to control our speech and our thoughts.

=====================================================================================While I favor a pardon for Scooter Libby, I believe the President should wait either until the appeals process is over,or election eve after the polls close 2008.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

KIng Abdullah speaks to Congress

This morning King Abdullah delivered an eloquent ,well deliverered speech to a Joint Session of Congress.Speaking almost without notes,and without accent, his plea for peace was tailor made for an audience of Americans (and Congress-people ) unfamiliar with the nuances of Middle East policy or rhetoric.I assume most who applauded and even stood up to applaud did so as a matter of courtesy, and to support an ally. If I were ignorant of the facts,I would believe that not only is peace possible, but the elements are in place.
His main theme was the Saudi peace package which has been endorsed by the Arab League.We have previously dissected the offer,however for the purpose of this blog let me point out a fatal flaw."The Right of Return",which as late as last week was deemed untouchacle by the Arab League, after its rejection byIsraeli Foreign Minister Livni.
This demand would mandate the return of MILLIONS or HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Arab REFUGEES-not to a Palestinian State,but to Israel.It is a codeword for the destruction of Israel.The plan,would bring into Israel a million or more Arabs, allow them to declare Israeli citizenship,and prepare in stages to move first to a bi-national state,and then an Islamic State.
Pres Bush one year ago on April 24, called for the return of any refugees to lands which would constitute the Palestinian State.That after all is the PURPOSE of a Palestinian State.
It is obvious , that a small State such as Israel cannot remain a Jewish State, and absorb so many new individuals,committed to its destruction.
The plan calls for the removal of every post- 1967 area that today houses 250,000 Jews, including Efrat and Maale Adumim,as well as dividing Jerusalem.
The return of the Golan has been much discussed.Yet, the unyielding demands by Syria, would if met, represent a mortal danger to N Israel.
The Palestinians and their new sponsors in Iran,continue to smuggle weapons,produce arms factories and fire rockets into Israel.A recent poll shows that 90% OF PALESTINIAN YOUTH reject the concept of a Jewish State.
The king mentioned the Geneva agreement,but he knows as well as anyone,that this was a group of left wing private citizens who met and came up with a discredited plan.Not only that , but those who ran for office such as Yussie Beilin were rejected by the Israeli electorate.
There is no mention in these plans for compensation for the hundreds of thousands of Jewish Refugees,kicked out of Arab countries and who fled penniless to Israel.
Yes the King was persuasive,and his speech well rehearsed and made for TV.
However peace will only come when the Arabs stop trying to destroy Israel, and accept her as a neighbor that is here for the long haul.As long as Hizbollah,Iran,Hamas, and Islamic Jihad are allowed to hijack the ARAB STREET,there will be no shortcuts to peace.Nor can Israel allow American pressure on it to succeed , if it results as we said yesterday, in national suicide.
Saudi Arabia policy makers are quite sophisticated,and can use their influence and cash to moderate Arab plans . At present, their current plan with a not-so hidden agenda would yield a Middle East without a Jewish State.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Just when you come to some sort of understanding that the German population of today bears no guilt for the Holocaust,along comes todays news re. the visiting German Bishops(to Israel).
After visiting both Yad Vashem and Ramallah, they compared the latter to the Holocaust wherein their ancestors systematically exterminated 6 million Jews.In essence a repitition of the Islamic claim that Jews are Nazis.
Having visited the extermination camps ,and as many historic sites related to the systematic Germanic plots to annhilate every LAST LIVING JEW. I find their statements incredulous.,and intolerable.
All of the economic and military hardship of the Palestinians,are self imposed.What did they do with the Gaza area handed to them on a silver plate by Israel.They destroyed the farms and orchids and set up rocket firing areas,to be used to fire missiles into Israel.Perhaps the Bishops would like to help Israel,by performing last rites, when they commit political and national suicide by returning all of Israel to Hamas etc.
Yet,having visited Germany within the year,I do not ascribe these beliefs or statements to young Germans,or the Government.Rather, this is an open manifestation of long held feelings by many in the Church hierarchy.
The Church,cannot come to grips with the survival of the Jewish people and the Jewish State despite spurning their theology.It is time for Rome to open up their basement vaults ,and return the looted articles taken from the Holy Temple to their rightful owners in Jerusalem.
This months Commentary Magazine presents a well written artcle by Meir Soloveichik on an approach to the religions living together.The Bishops would do well reading the article,

Friday, March 02, 2007

Obama and the Democrats foreign policy

Sen Obama correctly highlighted Iran as the central problem in the Middle East.From his point of view ,the President by being bogged down in Iraq,has allowed Iran to ascend,and proceed to threaten the world with nuclear weapons.
The problem is,that he and his colleagues in the Democratic party wish to turn back the clock to the 90's.
To them Islamic terrorism is a crime problem.We must work through the Europeans and the UN for a world solution.Basically, we should be in a defensive mode,and respond after the fact.
To date,I have not heard from him or his c0-candidates. the outline of a foreign policy that projects leadership in the world-wide battle against Islamic fascism.
Had Obama been President when all the intelligence agencies in the world,including Israel's noted WMD in Iraq,and after Saddam threw out the inspectors,and on a daily basis challenged us in the no-fly zone--what would he have done?
After we leave Iraq,what specifically would he do to stop Iran, that is not currently being done?
What would he do differently in Pakistan-Afghanistan?
How would he handle the growing threat to peace in Nicaragua?
How would he approach N. Korea differently than Clinton-Bush?
How can we get Putin to change his domestic and international policies,without renewing the Cold War?
Would you repeal the Patriot Act?
Basically it is easy to criticize thePresident and even easier to say Israel is our ally ,or that we must stop Iran-HOWEVER ,where is the meat?
Give us an outline of a pro-active approach to foreign policy-.Without it, we are left with an inexperienced attractive ,telegenic young man spitting out platitudes.Great for Chicago==a potential disaster for our country.