Wednesday, March 14, 2007

MIGRATION IS FOR BIRDS/ the US Attorney firings

I could not believe my ears today when I watched the Bush-Calderon press conference in Mexico.
The entire concept of secure borders was made meaningless.The belief that one who violates the laws of our country is a criminal is outmoded.
The President discussed the MIGRATION PROBLEM ,not illegal immigration!
Migration,is relevant to the movement of birds who have free passage from country to country,as the seasons change.
Mexicans have no inherent right to come here and enter our country at will,have babies who become citizens,place economic hardships on schools,hospitals and welfare systems.
I know that many illegal immigrants work hard,pay taxes and are law-abiding.I also realize that so many industries such as farm and factory workers, lawn service,costruction etc., would come to a standstill without these workers.Similarly restaurants depend opon these unskilled workers.
Yet, no citizen class or citizen-wanna-be class is above the law.12 million of these illegals are in our country,and the Pres. of Mexico has the chutzpah to lecture us on the evils of a fence, or the illegal drug problem in this country.
We have no moral obligation to support the economy of Mexico, by allowing free MIGRATION of their unwanted ,and have them send back to their families their paychecks.
First we must secure our borders-not only because that is our national right,but beause if 12 million can get in in so easily,so can 120 terrorists trained in Venezuala and so on.
Subsequently ,we should try to register all illegals,and in an orderly fashion create a system of work permits for those whose skills are needed, reverse MIGRATION for those undesirable,and a program to allow many of them in time to gain citizenship,if they learn English,have a clean record and so on.For the time being,we have to close the borders,prosecute companies who in a wholesale manner allow workers without documents or forged focuments to work.
Above all the US should not be frightened by Mexico,who should concentrate on cleaning up their own corruption and economic house.


The tumult over the fired US Attorneys, is really the kettle calling the teapot black-or something like that.
Did Gonzales handle it well-No
Did he do something illegal -NO

Clinton fired every single US ATTORNEY WHEN HE TOOK OFFICE, and as the WSJ ponted out in its editorial,this helped disrupt some vital investigations.
The fact is that they all serve at the pleasure of the President.In addition, the Attorney General and the President ,have the right to set policy on the role and tenor of the Justice Dept., provided there is no violation of law.That clearly is the case here.
The announcement of Sen.Sunnunu that he favors firing the Atty General, is not too strange.He is a maverick,who gave the Administration a hard time on the Patriot Act, and has been against Gonzales from Day one. He also faces a tough re-election battle in a state where a few Republican incumbents went down to defeat last year.