Friday, March 23, 2007

Political Theater-Pelosi -Style/Rosie-intelligence analyst/ The heroism of the Edwards

The closeness of todays House vote indicates that without the millions upon millions of PORK used to bribe or entice votes,Oelosi could not have pulled off this political theater.
The President was clear and definitive regarding any possible weakening of his position.
Taken together with the subpeonas for Rove ,etc, the Democrats may be making their base happy.However, they may overplay their hand-too much hype and not enough positive legislation.
MY QUESTION TO MYSELF-WHAT IS GOING THROUGH JOE LIEBERMAN'S MIND, as he sees this attempt to destroy the President during wartime?
What would it take for him to switch parties,resulting in a Republican majority?

Why did not one Democratic legislator,such as Sen Carl Levin publicly rebuke the attack by Rosie on the confession of the 9/11 plotter, and Daniel Pearl's killer?She stated categorically that confession was the result of torture,and should not be believed. The Democratic members of the Intelligence Committee know full well, the Al Quida and Hizbollah threat to the US.They have been privy to much of that which was releasd by the military,including the methods used to obtain material from prisoners.
How can they sit there when that ignorant know-it-all,undermines the efforts to protect America and fight terrorism?The American people must be educated to the terrorist reality.
The audience of the View. deserve better-America deserves better.The battle to fight terrorism must be above politics.


All America wishes Sen Edward and his wife, a complete recovery.Their personal decision to continue the campaign will act as a positive motivater for tens of thousands of cancer another chronic and incurable disease sufferers, who wish to make each and every day meaningful to themselves, their families and the community.
The mental attitude of such patients surely in my expereience has a positive effect on their immune systems ,and their ability to cope.
They want not pity, but the warmth that one human can give to another in such circunstances.
One last point as a physician who dealt extensively with cancer.I was often suprised to observe the longevity and positive quality of life of may patients,who in my mind I never believed could last more than a few weeks or months.