Sunday, March 25, 2007

George Soros-is at it again

In the April 12, 2007(dated March 15)of the NY Review of Books,George Soros writes a seven page article entitled "On Israel,America and AIPAC".
The article has three main thrusts.
1-The Bush Administration is at fault for not recognizing the Hamas-Fatah unity agreement.In addition, the Saudi peace plan offers hope for real peace.
2-An attack on the pervasive influence of AIPAC ,for supporting the Sharon-Olmert rejection of Hamas,and "Israel's heavy handed response to Hizbollah last summer".
3-An attack on Alvin Rosenfeld's American Jewish Committee's pamphlet on "The New Antisemitism.".Such an expose claims Soros ,stifles legitimate criticism of Israel.

To refute the entire article,would take a major undertaking.Next week during Passover at the Granet, one of my topics will be on the newest type of antisemitism as described by Rosenfeld.
One year ago, when the Mersheimer attack on AIPAC and the Israel lobby came out, I wrote on that as well.In addition I have a full chapter on AIPAC in my autobiography.
I would like to limit my remarks now to the Saudi plan.
Soros writes, " I am not a Zionist,nor am I a practicing Jew,but I have a great deal of sympathy for my fellow Jews and a deep concern for the survival of Israel."
Let us see how that works out!
George Soros is a very wealthy man and a successful businessman.I am sure that each deal he considers he examines the pros and cons,clearly and objectively.
Firstly in his presentation he never mentions the right of return,which is a key element of the Saudi plan.Rather ,he blames Olmert for lack of progress because Israel will not recognize the unity government.
In fact,Olmert to the shock of many has publicly stated an interest in the Saudi plan ,if the "Right of Return " was removed.The United State has agreed with this demand.
It would have been nice for Mr Soros to analyze for his readers, why no Israeli official,or government (right or left) could be a party to this move."RIGHT OF RETURN is a codeword for the destruction of Israel as a democracy and a Jewish State.It means every single so called refugee (perhaps a million plus) could return to Israel,and to their "old homes" with compensation,become citizens and vote for an Islamic Republic.
There is no mention of the one million Jewish refugees from Arab land who fled to Israel,and were integrated within Israeli society,and deserve compensation.They came to Israel, leaving their possessions in their Arab countries.
On June 24 2004, President Bush clearly stated, that Arab returnees could go to a Palestinian State,that would be created.He was clear,that they cannot return to Israel.That in fact is the purpose of a Palestinian State- to accept Palestinians.
If Mr Soros is such a friend of Israel,why would he want to make the first election with a million new muslim voters,the very last in modern Israel's history?
The Saudis are quite perceptive and know full well the implications of their plan.Thus their refusal to modify it merely highlites the political theater of it all.
Israel,as a member State of the UN ,should not be forced to negotiate with a terrorist entity that makes sly implicit statements regarding "respect" for agreements.Hamas knows the drill.-stop terrorism-recognize Israel-recognize and carry out previous agreements-stop the incitement against Israel-carry out step one of the roadmap,an end to rockets,weapon smuggling.suicide bombers,weapon production and so on.
One final thought in Mr Soros' own words."I do believe that the attitudes toward Israel ,are influenced by Israel's policies,and attitudes toward the Jewish Community are influenced by the pro-Israel lobby's success in suppressing divergent views."
If one examines the publicity of Soros,Finkelstein,the N Y Times ,Judt,Chomsky and Richard Cohen of the Wahington Post as they attack Israel one wonders where is the suppression he is talking about?
Is the pro-Israel lobby and lovers of Zion required to play dead so Mr. Soros et al have a clear field to undermine Israel?