Saturday, March 17, 2007

Family Values ? ANYONE Speak INDIAN?

Of course there was sexual misconduct,and immorality present-for we are all humans.No one running for office would arrange to announce that they were guilty of adultery a year before an election,in order to defuse the issue during the campaign.
However,today we are witnessing Democratic candidates for President falling over themselves to proclaim that homosexual behavior is not immoral.
Sadly, the world including religious leaders are silent.It appears that Mr and Mrs Joe Public are no longer moved by such statements.
In the Conservative/Reform movement, gay students are ordained-The hell with the Torah-it was time for a change anyway!
What is amazing to me, is that Liberal America,and its Liberal media, portray the religious community as fossils of another generation-"Family Values" equals hate and bigoted language.
The family oriented communities of America should take back the public schools and even the colleges we send our Kids to in order to preserve a sense of morality.
Alternate Lifestyles is a misnomer for anti-Family Value oriented behavior .I care not what you do in the privacy of your home.I do care when you proclaim that homosexual partnerships are no different from marriage,and you should be allowed to adopt chi;ldren to be brought up in such an atmosphere.
Above all, I object when politicians looking for the vote in the primaries espouse such anti-traditional opinions.


I spent about 4-5 hours this past week speaking to India-No I don't know anyone there, however Hewlett Packard does.
I don't mind out-sourcing ,if the technician speaks a clear English.Alas,the frutration level kept rising with each re-routing.My cries to speak to an American technician only wound uo on deaf ears.